This Toucannon is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon appearing in Sun & Moon series.


Toucannon is the father of his tribe. His children and adopted son Rowlet hatched at the same time. Toucannon acted as his parent. The flocks of Pikipek, alongside his wife Trumbeak brought the fruit for Toucannon, but Rowlet brought a wind-chime, which he mistaken for a berry. Trumbeak later scolded him for mistaken a wind-chime for a berry but he fell asleep, thus Trumbeak woke him up and scolded him even louder and Rowlet had to fly away and find an actual fruit. While he was waiting in his nest, he saw Rowlet come back with a watermelon, making him proud. Soon, Ash and Mallow followed Rowlet to his adopted family nest, then Toucannon saw how happy his child was with Ash but the moment was ruined when Team Rocket entered the scene. With Ash and his Pikachu's help, Rowlet was able to save everyone. Seeing the Grass Quill Pokémon so happy Ash decided to let Rowlet stay with its family. But seeing that Rowlet really liked Ash and felt it is time for his adopted son to embark his new journey with his new fitting trainer, Toucannon allows him to leave the nest.[2]

He and the rest of his family had a brief reunion with Rowlet asking if they had seen a yellow Oricorio.[3]

After Rowlet lost to Decidueye because of the former ended up humiliating himself for held his back during a battle, Toucannon and Trumbeak teaches Rowlet how to use Bullet Seed using pieces of small rocks, but failed, with Rowlet discover the way to use his own Bullet Seed, using the Everstone he suddenly stumbled as his signature slingshot weapon for a newly developed Seed Bomb, meaning it may cost him unable to evolve much to Ash, Rotom and Pikachu’s horror.[1]

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Known moves

  • Using Bullet Seed
  • Using Feather Dance


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