This Totem Sandslash is an Ice/Steel-type Pokémon that appeared in SM080: Not Caving Under Pressure!. It is the leader of an Alolan Sandshrew Pack.


The Totem Sandslash, while it was an Alolan Sandshrew, is the leader of the Alolan Sandshrew Pack and it appears medium-size than the other normal Alolan Sandshrew, due to its status as a totem. It was first seen training its pack with Rapid Spin and was watched by Lillie, Mallow, Sophocles and their Pokemon. It confronted both Togedemaru and Sophocles and using its pack to surround them only for Mallow to feed the Pokemon cookie on one of them. It allows its pack to be feed with a cookie by Mallow, Sophocles, and Lillie as others are playing with their Pokemon. The Totem Sandshrew easily befriends Lillie until it was interrupted when its pack returns to the ice territory where they were attacked by a wild Tyranitar. The Totem Sandshrew and its pack begin to attack Tyranitar as the trio noticed their ice territory have full of claw marks and the Tyranitar appears to wander around to their territory.

Tyranitar manages to use Sandstorm on them as Snowy was hit from it and overpowers the pack of Alolan Sandshrew with Stone Edge. Despite its injuries, the Totem Sandshrew continues to fight and dodging most of Tyranitar's Stone Edge and Sandstorm but its attacks causing their territory nearly collapsed. But with Lillie and Snowy's assistance, The Totem Sandshrew follows her command while teaming up with Snowy in a double battle who uses Aurora Veil to protect themselves from Tyranitar's Rock Throw. Snowy attacks it with Powder Snow followed by Totem Sandshrew's Rapid Spin multiple times. Tyranitar was desperate to attack the Totem Sandshrew with Rock Throw only to be knocked with its Metal Claw, defeating it. The Alolan Sandshrew scares the Tyranitar away from their territory. As everyone fixes their ice territory and Sophocles found an Ice Stone within their territory, the Totem Sandshrew presses the stone from its nose and it evolved into an Alolan Sandslash. The Totem Sandslash soon gives Lillie an Icium-Z as a token for helping him defeat the Tyranitar during their Double Battle after Lillie told him that he can protect his ice territory along with its pack.

Known moves

  • Using Rapid Spin
  • Using Metal Claw


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