This Totem Raticate is a dark/normal-type Totem Pokémon that appeared in A Team-on-Team Tussle!.


Totem Raticate appeared along with its colony to defend their territory form Team Rocket. It attacked then with Hyper Fang twice making them run, but Raticate followed them. While chasing Team Rocket, he came across Team Skull and threw a Hyper Beam at them, after thus, it returned to it's home. After its colony attacked both the Team Rocket and Team Skull, they had returned to pick up the Darkinium Z from them. It make them to blast off with tail. When its colony was locked by Team Rocket, James' Mareanie attacked it with Spike Cannon but it didn't worked at all. Its aura flared to life and started to attack the Mareanie. Team Skull attacked Raticate with their Garboodor's Venoshock and Zubat's Supersonic, but was ineffective too.

Meowth ordered Mimikyu and Mareanie attack with Shadow Ball and Spike Cannon, but Raticate suffered no harm and defeated Mareanie and Meowth with Bite. However, Mimikyu recovered and attacked it with Wood Hammer and finished it with Play Rough.

Raticate wanted a rematch, but gave up after seeing Bewear.

Known moves

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