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For the variant appearing in the games, see Todd Snap.

Todd Snap is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series, who is a professional Pokémon photographer.


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Todd is an enthusiastic lad, who likes to take pictures. He is keen into photographing Pokémon in their own habitat, rather than having them pose for pictures.


Todd was at the excavation site, where he took a picture of a living Aerodactyl carrying Ash. The photo was featured in an magazine, and it made Todd famous.

He was later asked by Team Rocket (disguised as an old couple) to help in capturing Pikachu. Meowth, who read the magazine, didn't understand that Todd was actually a photographer that captured pictures of Pokémon.[1]

Pokémon the Series: The Beginning

Todd saw the heroes from a bush, and wanted to "capture" Pikachu by taking a photo of it. Ash saw the glint coming from the camera, and believing Todd to be hostile, had Squirtle use Water Gun on him. Todd got soaked, but his camera was intact, and introduced himself. He merely wanted to take pictures of Pokémon in their natural poses, instead of making them look staged. Todd took them into his house, where he claimed to have taken a photo with a Fossil Pokémon. The heroes doubted him, until he showed an actual picture of an Aerodactyl in an magazine, who carried Ash a while ago. To make up for things earlier, he went to make pancakes, and after he did, he wanted to take a picture of Pikachu eating it. As Todd took the picture, the flash startled Pikachu and the latter electrocuted Todd.

Todd wanted to take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat, and showed many of his other pictures. The heroes applauded him, and Ash offered to send his Pokémon, but Todd declined, for he was only interested in taking pictures of Pikachu. Ash went outside with Pikachu to a river: Todd wanted to take another picture of Pikachu, but Ash intervened and stopped Todd. Todd went to Team Rocket, stating he would be ready, as they were preparing a trap. Ash met Todd once more, and accused him of not understanding Pokémon's feelings. In that moment, the heroes fell in the hole. Todd went to help them, but took a photo of Ash and Pikachu. In that moment, the trap collapsed, and Ash and Pikachu were hanging barely near the river.

Todd tossed a rope to help them, but failed, causing Ash and Pikachu to be stranded in a river, heading to a watefall. Todd ran, and pulled Ash and Pikachu up by using his camera strap. Team Rocket undisguised themselves, and used bombs to thwart their efforts, while Meowth snatched Pikachu away in a net. To distract them, Ash took pictures of Team Rocket, enough to get their bombs to explode. Ash quickly sent Bulbasaur to cut the net and release it. Bulbasaur kept attacking them, causing Team Rocket to fall down the waterfall in distraction. After the thrill, Ash and Todd laughed, and Todd offered to take a group photo. As he went to do so, Todd nearly tripped over a rock.[1]

Todd joined the heroes for a bit to take more pictures of Pokémon. As Misty asked Ash about a new Gym Badge, Todd advised him to take the Pokémon League Admission Exam, to show how capable he was as a Trainer. He later cheered on Ash as he took on Team Rocket, who wanted to steal the exam Pokémon. After the rented Weezing used Explosion, Todd emerged from the rubble, holding Team Rocket's Meowth, who was not blasted away with Jessie and James.[2] Todd continued on with the heroes, who heard about a Breeding Center. Todd explained it was a location, where Pokémon were massaged to boost their capability to evolve. After Misty gave her Psyduck in the center, Todd proposed going to a restaurant. The chef offered them free food if they would show his favorite Pokémon, a Psyduck.

They went back, only to see it closed. Looking around a bit, they saw that the Pokémon they gave in the center was a part of a scheme by Cassidy and Butch of Team Rocket, for nefarious ends. Todd took some pictures of Pokémon, and then went with the heroes to confront them. Jessie, James and Meowth also joined, and in the confusion, Butch took Todd's camera. When the police arrived, Butch and Cassidy succeeded in bluffing and putting the blame on the heroes. Misty, who ran away from the scene, succeeded with Pikachu to retrieve the camera, and showed it to Officer Jenny. The heroes were rescued out, and confronted Cassidy and Butch, arresting them. At the end of the day, Todd decided to head to the mountains, parting ways with the heroes, who went to Cinnabar Island.[3]

Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver

The heroes later met Todd in Johto, taking pictures. Todd promised to take their photos as well, and the heroes remembered that they parted ways with him when they were going to Cinnabar Island. Todd showed his pictures, mostly of Grass-type Pokémon, and wished to take a picture of the rare Articuno. He explained he heard there was an Articuno nearby. Suddenly, it began to snow, and Todd wanted to take a photo of the environment. However, Ash pushed him away, for an icy meteor nearly struck them, which was a frozen Sunkern. They went inside a building, asking of an old lady to defrost it. The heroes spent time with the woman, Sophia, who was joined by her man, Marcello. The old couple wanted to meet up with lots of Sunflora, who gather on the time of season.

However, upon arriving, they noticed that it was quite cold, and soon found out Team Rocket using a snow machine to keep them away and capture Pikachu. Team Rocket was soon defeated with Sunkern's help, and Todd took a picture of it. Since there were no other Sunflora, Ash used a Sun Stone he obtained earlier to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora. Soon, the group was joined by numerous Sunflora, and Todd took a picture of the entire group altogether. He also saw a glowing object from afar: he felt it was an Articuno, and believed he would take a picture of it upclose.[4] The heroes joined Todd, who met a group excavating hot springs. Team Rocket once more arrived, snatching Swinub. As the group chased them, Todd saw an Articuno from afar: the heroes promised to help him in taking a picture of it after they would save Swinub. The heroes later battled Team Rocket, and Todd took a picture of the event, but left once Jessie wanted to be photographed.[5]

The heroes later searched for Articuno, but instead found the frozen Jigglypuff. After it was defrosted, Todd demanded to know from Jigglypuff if it had seen Articuno, but got slapped instead by it. Jigglypuff pointed to the tall mountain, and the heroes went in that direction, stopping at the Pokémon Center located there. Todd started to have doubts, as to how would he be able to take a photo of Articuno. Ash proposed that Jigglypuff could sing it to sleep, but Misty reminded him that Todd would be asleep as well, and Todd wanted to take a picture of it awake. However, he was motivated when Nurse Joy explained that Articuno come to the top of the mountain for a while. Going to the top, a blizzard briefly passed them. Todd noticed an Articuno, and as he went to photograph it, Team Rocket fell near them, who were also searching for Articuno.

Going a second time, the heroes were caught in a blizzard when they saw Articuno. Ash went to greet it, but Articuno uttered a sound to warn him, as Ash noticed he would've otherwise fallen down the cliff. Team Rocket appeared once more, and attempted to capture Articuno. The heroes thwarted their efforts, but in distraction, Ash and Todd fell down the cliff. Articuno swooped in and saved the two. With Team Rocket out of the way, the heroes thanked Articuno for helping them. The sun shone, causing Articuno to glister. Todd took a photo of it, and Articuno then left. The heroes commented that Articuno wanted Todd to come to take its photo. With the adventure over, Todd parted ways once more, wishing to take more pictures of Pokémon at the mountain.[6]

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