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Todd Snap is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Emerald arc

Todd Snap came to the Battle Frontier for a press meeting to see how the Battle Frontier functioned. He poured some water on some flowers and heard something falling behind him. He looked behind him and found a Frontier Pass. Emerald then appeared and Todd gave his Frontier Pass back to him. Todd decided to interview Emerald but he was interrupted by a Sudowoodo, who held Todd. Todd called Emerald to help him but Emerald stated that he hadn't any Pokémon, shocking Todd. Instead, Emerald took out a gun, startling Todd and Emerald shot the Sudowoodo.[1] Emerald shot with the gun, stating that Todd should look at the ground, and Todd was startled at what Emerald did. Sudowoodo calmed down, surprising Todd that Emerald was able to calm it down, and Emerald then bid farewell to Todd as he had to go to the Battle Frontier. After Emerald left, Todd was confused, since Emerald liked battles, yet managed to calm down the Pokémon using his own ammunition and he found it odd that Emerald let Sudowoodo go, thinking that Emerald didn't have any Pokémon. Todd then examined the ground, finding some dirt Emerald shot onto Sudowoodo, attached to a string. Todd realized that he had press conference he was invited to and he ran off towards the place the press conference was held.[2]

Seeing the conference was delayed, Todd sneaked up on the Frontier Brains. He wasn't surprised Emerald stopped the press meeting. He heard how the Frontier Brains gave Emerald a chance to redeem himself by battling all of the Frontier Brains. Todd met up with Emerald, reminding he just insulted these top trainers. Emerald ignored him and went to sleep. The next day, Todd watched as Emerald took on Noland's Battle Factory challenge. He remarked how Emerald knew a lot of Pokémon, since he was always switching them.[3] Though Todd continued to watch, he noted how other reporters were bored, since some hours have passed by. Since Emerald had to go to the bathroom, the reporter followed him and was shocked Emerald did "his business" from a window. After Emerald was finished, the reporter wondered by he swapped Slaking with a Linoone, since the former was much stronger. Emerald stated he had to balance out his team, composed of offense, defense and balance, which impressed Todd for such tactics. Todd continued to watch and, after Emerald won his 41st victory, he faced Noland. Todd noted Emerald's battle with Noland was full of risks.[4]

Todd watched as Emerald's Sceptile battled Noland's Glalie and was surprised the former turned on Emerald, who calmed it down. He was certain Sceptile was defeated once Glalie executed Sheer Cold. Much to his surprise, Sceptile survived the attack and quickly defeated Glalie. Outside the tower, the reporter wondered why Sceptile attacked Emerald, who showed he took Sceptile from the tower. Todd was in shock, pointing out that was stealing. Emerald explained he had to confirm something about Sceptile.[5] Todd saw that Emerald talked with two Pokémon, Latias and Latios. Emerald confirmed Sceptile didn't belong to the tower, since it was level 51. Todd claimed it to be impossible, but was reminded that if Sceptile was a level 50 Pokémon, it could not've survived Sheer Cold attack, which made Emerald suspect someone placed Sceptile in the tower. Todd went away for a moment and carried Sceptile in the Poké Ball. The next morning, saw that Emerald was hanging at the Battle Pike with Brandon and Tucker. Lucy came and had her Seviper free them all and invited Emerald to the Battle Pike. The reporter wondered what Pokémon Emerald would choose, who explained he would borrow them from a friend of his. The reporter took his seat and watched as Emerald took on the challenge and faced a Kirlia and a Dusclops.[6]

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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Todd read the news about a giant meteorite that would collide with the planet.[7]

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