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Tobias is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl.


Tobias is a young man with tan skin, green eyes and long flowing dark blue hair, that often come on his face hiding one of his eyes, for alter he wears a what appears to be a military-like outfit with a long flowing red cap around him.


Not much is know about Tobias, he appears to be a fairly mysterious person. He takes his battles seriously and shows a sportsman side to him for worthy opponents. He's fairly confident in his Pokémon's abilities, as he sends his Darkrai as his first Pokémon in a match, who easily wipes the opponents' team by itself.


Tobias used his Darkrai in many Gym Battles, all of which he won.[1]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Barry, who won a round at the Sinnoh League, went to join up with Ash and others. On his way, he encountered the mysterious Trainer, Tobias, whose presence intimidated Barry a bit. The latter realized that Trainer had a Darkrai.[2] During the tournament, Tobias exclusively used Darkrai to defeat all of his opponents.[1][3] After winning a battle against Paul, Ash was to face Tobias in the semi-final round.[4]

Tobias faced Ash, and immediately sent his Darkrai. Ash sent Heracross, who was put to sleep with Darkrai's Dark Void. Heracross did use Sleep Talk to attack Darkrai with Horn Attack in its sleep, but was nevertheless defeated by Darkrai's Dream Eater. Ash sent Torkoal next, who fired Flamethrower, but was defeated in one attack by Dark Pulse. Ash sent Gible out, who managed to inflict damage to Darkrai with Rock Smash. While Gible fired a Draco Meteor, it was still defeated by Darkrai's Dark Pulse. Tobias admitted that Draco Meteor was a powerful attack, but his Darkrai was powerful as well. Ash sent Sceptile next, who evaded Darkrai's Ice Beam, using its speed at its advantage. However, it was struck by Dark Void.

Sceptile got struck with Dream Eater, but in a split second, hearing Ash's voice, it woke up and defeated Darkrai with Leaf Blade. Tobias was surprised at this turn of events, admitting that Ash had proved himself worthy of the semi-final position, and sent Latios next. This time, Sceptile went to use another Leaf Blade but was immediately defeated by Giga Impact. Ash sent Swellow out, who attempted to use Quick Attack and Aerial Ace, but was defeated by Luster Purge in one attack. Ash sent Pikachu as his final Pokémon, who used Iron Tail and Volt Tackle, but was countered by Latios' Giga Impact moves. Latios attempted to negate Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but failed and used Light Screen instead. The two sides used Luster Purge and Volt Tackle to collide. Pikachu went to use Iron Tail, causing an explosion.

After the smoke cleared, both Pokémon were defeated. However, all of Ash's Pokémon had fainted while Tobias had four left, causing Ash to be eliminated from the tournament. Tobias nevertheless thanked Ash for the great battle, seeing his Pikachu fought well. During the finals, Tobias used Darkrai alone to defeat his opponent, winning the Sinnoh League. He was present at the closing ceremony with Charles Goodshow and Cynthia, showing his Champion Cup.[5]


On hand

Latios was the second Pokémon that Tobias was shown to have and like Darkrai he was extremely powerful in battle, defeating Ash's Sceptile and Swellow easily and drawing with Pikachu.


Sinnoh League

8 Unknown Badges

Pokémon League Status

Tobias's Trophy from the Sinnoh League.

Winner of Lily of the Valley Conference


  • His Japanese name, "Takuto" translates to "Prodigy". This is quite suitable for Tobias as he is clearly a prodigy in Pokémon battling and has caught at least two legendary/mythical Pokémon.
  • His English name, "Tobias" may be taken from the protagonist of the Book of Tobit. He drove away a demon with the help of the archangel, Raphael, similar to how Tobias used Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to win against the gym leaders and Pokémon League.
  • Although we’ve only seen two of his Pokémon, it can be assumed his other four Pokémon are Mythical and Legendary Pokémon as well.