The Time Flower (時間の花 Time Flower) is a special plant found in the Tree of Beginning. Composed almost entirely out of crystal, the Time Flower has the ability to view events taking place in the past. It can only be activated by a user of Aura, namely Sir Aaron, Ash or Lucario. First seen in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, the Time Flowers are active recordings of what transpired in the past, coupled with sounds from the era. Once activated, the Time Flowers contract and expand, immersing the viewers within the event recorded by the Time Flower.

The Flowers played a pivotal role in the film, as they were used to illustrate the battle between the two armies before Cameran Palace, and the reasoning behind Sir Aaron "betraying" Lucario.


  • Despite its clearly crystalline structure, it is unknown as to whether the Time Flowers are directly related to the Tree of Beginning, which is composed out of the same or similar crystal.
  • It responded to Ash Ketchum because Sir Aaron's and Ash's aura were same.
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