Tim Goodman is the main character from Detective Pikachu.


In the video game, Tim has brown hair and black eyes. He wears a red sweater, blue pants and blue with red sneakers. The movie presents him with darker skin and black hair.


Video Game

Tim Goodman is a compassionate, caring, 21 year old.He is a driven boy who is determined to help others when the opportunity presents itself.


Although most of Tim's character traits from the game are still intact, the film presents him as more flawed, with a strained relationship with his father, Harry Goodman. Though his father invited him to live with him in Ryme City, he refused due to bitterness over the death of his mother, and only reconciled with Harry after it was widely believed he was dead.


Tim Goodman is the son of esteemed detective Harry Goodman, who has gone missing prior to the events of Detective Pikachu. After his father's purported death, Tim partners with Detective Pikachu, his father's former partner, who has come looking for Harry as the only clue to his past.



  • Tim Goodman is portrayed by Justice Smith in the Detective Pikachu live-action film adaptation.
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