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Tiffany is a part of Go-Rock Quads and member of the Go-Rock Squad as well as the only girl in the group.


Tiffany wears a long pink coat with a tight short purple dress with a white belt around her waist that reaches her thighs,knee high boots with heels and black knee socks underneath.She has white pinkish hair.


Like the rest of the Go-Rock Quad she, follows his father's plan to replace the rangers. Tiffany is portrayed as egotistical and self absorbed with a love of shopping. After defecting the Go-Rock Squad, she becomes much humbler, but her love of shopping remains strong as ever.




Tiffany makes several appearances with her siblings throughout the game. She first fought in Krokka Tunnel while the Go-Rock Quads search for a legendary Pokémon hidden inside and attacks with a Camerupt. She is later fought in the Go-Rock Base and she uses two Camerupt this time. After Billy is defeated and he sets off the base's self-destruct, Tiffany defects the Go-Rock Squad with her siblings to start over. She is seen playing with her band in front of the clock tower in Fall City during the credits.

Shadows of Almia

Billy, Tiffany, and Garret make an appearance practicing for a concert they will play on Altru's birthday and discuss how Clyde was so disgust with the song Altru provided them, the dream energy he stormed off to write a new song. They are seen again at another performance, this time with Clyde who has written his own song to play instead of Altru's, thought they hide this from Blake Hall when he makes an appearance to announce his new energy source. After the events of Operation: Brighton, the band plays Clyde's song, The Song of Vantonage.

Guardian Signs

Tiffany makes an appearance during the final Quest, Go-Rock Oblivia. While the Player searches for the scattered members of the Go-Rock Quads, Tiffany is the first member they search for. She is found simply shopping in the Aqua Resort while searching for the most unique thing about Oblivia for inspiration for their upcoming concert. After all the Go-Rock Quads are found, they play their concert on Wireless Tower with the most unique thing they found in Oblivia: Ukulele Pichu.


Ranger - the Comic

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