Three Island is a small town located on Kin Island in the Sevii Islands. It is the most populous island, with ample living space. It also contains Berry Forest, Bond Bridge, Three Isle Port and Three Isle Path.


Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Version

If the player visits Three Island before visiting Two Island, they’ll find two men being harassed by a gang of rowdy bikers. The player cannot fight them before visiting Two Island as they state that their boss has not arrived. Thus, this will not allow the player to access the Bond Bridge and Berry Forest. Therefore, player has to visit the Game Center on Two Island first.

When the player will be back from Two Island, they will find the Riders’ Leader there and the player has to battle some of the bikers and their leader. After they have been defeated, the player can talk to the two men who were harassed by them. One of them will give player a Full Restore.

As the huge group of Riders goes away, it allows player to access Bond Bridge and Berry Forest. Upon crossing the bond bridge, the player will reach Berry Forest where they will find Game Center’s Owner’s Daughter Loiselle. She states that a Hypno is scaring her and the player battles a Hypno. The Hypno can be caught, defeated or the player can run. After rescuing Loiselle, there remains no other main quest on Three Island.

South of three Island lies the Three Isle Port. There is a cave entrance near the Three Isle Port. In the cave, the player will find a man standing who will give player a nugget.

If the cave is visited before obtaining the National Pokédex, the cave will be very small and the man will state that he is digging the cave.

When the cave is visited after obtaining the National Pokédex, the player will find the cave turned into Three isle Path. Several Nuggets can be found throughout it. After crossing it, player will find a patch of grass where the rare Pokémon Dunsparce is found.


  • It is the only Sevii Island that doesn't have its port on it but in a separate location, Three Isle Port.
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