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This Dream is the opening theme song for Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, and the seventh opening theme song of the English Pokémon anime series.


♪ Po-ké-mon!

Every Trainer has a choice To listen to that voice inside. I know the battle may be long, Winners may have come and gone I will carry on!

Chorus: Yeah, this dream will last forever, And this dream will never die, We will rise to meet the challenge every time. (Advanced Challenge) Yeah, this dream keeps us together, This shows that you and I Will be the best that the world's ever seen, Cause we always will follow this dream!

And now this battle has begun The fight's too late to run and hide And though the ones I face are strong I'll leap into this fight head on I will carry on!

This dream will last forever No,this dream will never die We will rise to meet the challenge every time. (Advanced Challenge) Yeah,this dream will never sever It's carry us up high Straight up into the sky like a beam Because we'll never give up on this dream! Po-ké-mon!

(Chorus) ♪





  • This is one of the two opening that does not have a full song.
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