The Under Subway is a location that appears in Pokémon Colosseum. This is where Cipher transports Shadow Pokémon from the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory to The Under in order to give them out to others.


Cipher used The Under Subway mainly to hand out Shadow Pokémon to those that want them. Lady Venus ruled over The Under and told the citizens there she is handing out Shadow Pokémon there. Eventually, Venus was defeated by Wes in battle and was forced to flee to The Under Subway. Wes and Rui make chase but several trainers get in the way in attempt to slow them down and let Venus get away. Wes and Rui reach the subway train itself but Venus taunts them saying she has the only key. However, when Venus escaped, she accidentally dropped the key behind allowing Wes and Rui to use the subway train and get into the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory.


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