The Ultimate Weapon

The Ultimate Weapon in Y.

The Ultimate Weapon is a device that the villainous team from the Kalos region, Team Flare use in the games.


It appears to resemble a crystal flower. The main blaster of the weapon is in the center. Majority of it is clear/white, but the center part is sky blue in Pokémon X and medium red in Pokémon Y.



3000 years before the start of the story of Pokémon X and Y, AZ loved his Floette dearly, but it went off to fight in a great war. A box holding only the flower Floette held was sent back to him, filling AZ with grief. He built a device that restored his Floette back to life using the energy of Pokémon. However, the pain in his heart had not subsided, leading AZ to reconstruct the device into the Ultimate Weapon, which he used to wipe out many lives and bring the war to an end.

In the present day, in Lysandre Labs, AZ was captured by Lysandre. He warned him about using the Ultimate Weapon by telling the tale of his own mistake in creating it, but was ignored. The player then battled Xerosic who, after the battle, asked the player to press either the blue or red button in the room, the latter of which would activate the Ultimate Weapon. However, regardless on which button the player pressed, the Ultimate Weapon would still be activated — Xerosic would manually activate the Ultimate Weapon if the player pressed the blue button.

In Team Flare Secret HQ, the player caught Xerneas in Pokémon X and Yveltal in Pokémon Y, draining most of the energy from the Ultimate Weapon. After that, Lysandre battled the player one last time, then mentioned that the energy remaining is still enough to fire the Ultimate Weapon. He then fired the Ultimate Weapon, which landed on the weapon itself, with the weapon sinking into the ground, vanishing everyone in the nearby Team Flare Secret HQ, including Lysandre, never to be seen again.

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's Delta Episode, Zinnia mentions that there is another Hoenn in an alternate dimension, with the difference being that the war happened in Kalos never happened there, and thus the Ultimate Weapon was not even built.


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