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The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is a three-part DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

The first part, The Teal Mask, was released on September 13, 2023. The second part, the Indigo Disk, was released on December 14, 2023. The final part, Mochi Mayhem, was released on January 11, 2024.


The Teal Mask[]

The Teal Mask takes place in Kitakami, where the students of the Naranja and Uva Academies go for a field trip. They will take part in an annual festival that honor the "Heroes of Kitakami".


The player will get a call from Jacq informing them about being one of the select few members (by lottery) to be given access to a school trip to Kitakami. They will then need to enter the entrance hall at Naranja/Uva Academy in Mesagoza.

Briar will appear in the entrance hall, which the player will need to talk to. She will explain that she teaches at the Blueberry Academy, a school in the Unova region. She informs that she'll be taking the students to Kitakami, as a reason why the player's been invited. After Jacq becomes distracted, he remembers that he will provide the Kitakami Pokédex update for the app on the player's phone.

Briar will give time for the player to organize themselves. Talking to Briar and accepting will initiate the school trip.

She will mention about the Scarlet Book, which mentions one of her ancestors, Heath. She opens and reads the book, which depicts Terapagos. She wishes to the player that she can find Terapagos and hope that Heath's records were true. After a call from other students, she sets off with them on a flight and a bus trip to Kitakami.

As soon as they arrive, Briar informs the students that Mossui Town will be selected as their base of operations. However, one of the students falls ill after the trip, causing the rest of the group to console him. Briar hears of this and will ask the player to head to the community center and talk to the caretaker to confirm everyone's presence.

As soon as the player arrives at Mossui, Carmine and Kieran notice them. Carmine will immediately initiate a battle with the player. After defeating Carmine, a gentleman runs in and tells them off. Carmine runs away, but Kieran goes after her. He is revealed to be the caretaker. The player explains to him that one of the students has fallen ill by the bus stop. He is eager to help out the student and make it into town. He gives them permission to enter the community center.

After arriving outside the entrance, the rest of the group catch up to the player. Briar will explain that the ill student is feeling better. The caretaker explains to the group that the community center is their assigned resting place. They all enter the place. The Caretaker initiates a tour, introducing the students to each of the rooms inside the building. They all set off for dinner. Afterwards, Briar allows the player to spend the evening to himself, and informs them that the Kitakami program will start tomorrow, when the students from Blueberry Academy arrive.

After a rest, Briar introduces everyone to Carmine and Kieran, two students from the Blueberry Academy. The caretaker mentions that they know the place well, before introducing his plan to the students. They will be split into groups in an orienteering course. They will need to find three Signboards located around Kitakami. Each signboard has snippets of an old folktale passed down in Kitakami, which can be read so that the students can learn more about Kitakami. He will need to give proof by taking a snapshot of the pair in front of each signboard with their camera. Briar commends the activity as an "innovative idea", before the caretaker hands the player the "Roto-Stick".

The Caretaker then introduces the students his new pose, which the player copies.

After speaking to Carmine, she will ask the player to battle Kieran.

After defeating Kieran, Carmine requests the player partners up with Kieran. After he refuses, Carmine scoffs it off, mentioning to the player about his shyness before finding someone to team up with. The Caretaker informs them about Peachy's, which sell essential adventure items for the player such as Poke Balls and Potions.

Kieran says that Loyalty Plaza is the location of the first signboard. He heads off towards the location.[1]

After the player reads the signboard and takes the photo with Kieran, Koraidon/Miraidon pops out of the Poké Ball as soon as Kieran mentions the word "Sandwich", before locating where the second signboard is, at Kitakami Hall.

Kieran asks the player to head to the Dreaded Den. After seeing a hole in the wall, Kieran theorizes that the powerful ogre may be inside it. He then requests the player to battle against him one more time.

After defeating Kieran, he explains to the player that Blueberry Academy is a school which specializes in Pokémon Battles, before agreeing to have a look inside the Den with the player. Behind them, we see the legs of a Pokémon spying at them from a distance, before running away. Inside the den, they have a brief look inside before heading out, Kieran noticing the sun is setting to his surprise, and requesting that he'll pose with the player tomorrow. He then remembers that at Kitakami Hall, the first day of the Festival of Masks event is taking place today. As soon as the player wants to join the event with him, he agrees, but would rather if the player prepares themselves first before taking part, by going to his house north-west of Mossui Town. After the player brings his phone out, Kieran registers his house's location on it.

At Kieran's house, he talks to his grandfather before introducing him to the player. His grandmother appears and hears the news about Kieran and the player becoming friends. They all look at the sunset outside, in which Grandma mentions the event is occurring tonight. She sets up both Kieran and the player with some jinbei, and a new hairstyle.

After the player and Kieran show off their new look to everyone's amusement, Grandma hands the player a Teal Style Card. Carmine then arrives, before becoming jump-scared at the player's new look, before Kieran comments to her that that he'll come to the event with the player. Carmine then remembers that she's lost her mask. Grandma says that they're in the shed, in which she races to the shed, causing Kieran to go after her again.

After the player walks towards the shed, Carmine discovers there's only two masks available in the shed. Carmine initiates another battle with them to Kieran's dismay.

After the battle, night falls. Carmine hands over the masks for her and her brother to wear. Kieran sets off to Kitakami Hall, leaving the player behind.

As soon as the player arrives at Kitakami Hall at night, Ogerpon appears with their mask, and Carmine and Kieran join them. Carmine decides to snap a photo, then explains that the event is held to honor the Loyal Three (Fezandipiti, Okidogi and Munkidori). Kieran excitedly notices the candy apples, and runs over to one of the candy apple stalls.

Kieran offers two candy apples, handing one of them to the player, and explains that there's a Pokémon that also likes Candy Apples, before getting distracted by another game he's discovered.

Kieran will then stop outside the building which runs the Ogre Oustin' game. Carmine steps in and mentions her high score. As soon as the player sees Ogerpon and interacts with it, Carmine approaches from behind and tells them a story. Ogerpon suddenly runs away, prompting her to tell them to follow it. Ogerpon gets frightened and loses their mask, which the player holds, and runs away again. Carmine realizes that the 'kid' could be the ogre that was mentioned in the stories. Kieran approaches them, trying to tell her the truth, but Carmine knocks it off, trying to keep the info secret to the player.

By the end of the night, the player tells Kieran that they'll be leaving Kitakami Hall. He walks with them to the community center for some rest.

The next day, the player heads out to meet Carmine. She wanted to remind him about last night's Pokémon that ran away. She recommends going to her house where they will inform her grandfather about the mysterious Pokémon.

As soon as they meet up, Kieran appears, greets them and suggests he and the player meet up at the last signboard. Carmine argues that she is busy with them too. After tensions flared between the two siblings, Kieran storms away, causing her grandfather to tell her off for being unkind. Carmine demands the player shows the Teal Mask he dropped and shows it to Grandpa. He recognizes it immediately – rain starts falling. Carmine explains the story to Grandpa. Grandpa then explains the truth of what actually happened. He explains that the 'kid' is Ogerpon, and as soon as the player listens, he tells them a very secretive story.

After hearing the story, Carmine runs a bit, becoming desperate to tell the story to everybody else, prompting Grandpa to calm her down again and remind her that anger would be spread around the community if she did so. Grandpa also noticed that the Teal Mask had been chipped. The player gives it to him. After a while, Kieran, overhearing the conversation, walks away. Carmine suggests that her and the player revert to their orienteering program.

When the player meets up with Kieran, they inform him that not much had been discussed, before he tells them where the last sign is, at Paradise Barrens. As soon as the player walks off, Kieran becomes annoyed that the player lied to him. By the time the player arrives at the last signboard, Kieran requests that the player battle him once again. After defeating him, the player consoles Kieran for losing, then they read the signboard. The player and Kieran take their last photo, with subdued expressions. After Kieran explains about his long family line capable of making masks, they head back to rest for the day.

On the third day, a student comes over to tell the player that Carmine needed to see them urgently. She is cross at them for waking up later than her brother. Grandpa, wanting to fix Ogerpon's mask, needed another material to perfect it: The Crystal Cluster, located at the bottom of the Crystal Pool. Soon, Kieran meets them, to Carmine's annoyance, and tells her he's busy, and walks off, causing the rest of them to become concerned. Carmine tells the player about Oni Mountain, the Crystal Pool's – and thus – the Crystal Cluster's location.

The player arrives at the Crystal Pool, where Carmine was waiting. She believes the material Grandpa needs is at the bottom of the pool, asking the player to do it when suddenly, the ground starts shaking. A Milotic jumps out of the pool and glares at the duo, prompting them to bring out their Pokémon together. Carmine realizes that Pokémon may pop out of the pool from time to time. The player then sees something in the pool and they look down. The player picks it up, revealing to be the Crystal Cluster! She believes it came off Milotic after defeating it. Briar suddenly appears behind them, realizing that the energy coming from the crystals in the pool is a reality, before noticing that they're without their orienteering partners. She soon explains to them about the waters in the pool, emitting energy of 'the same wavelength' as Terastal energy.

Carmine and the player head back to her house, where Grandpa turns up. They hand Grandpa the Crystal Cluster, but he only tells them some bad news. He claims that Kieran had run away with the mask. Carmine, shocked, accuses the player of telling him about Ogerpon, which they refuse. Grandpa tells them that they need to travel to Loyalty Plaza, where he was last found.

They both find Kieran, standing by the first signboard. Kieran tells them the truth of the story, which Ogerpon wasn't the villain. A closer look at the signboard reveals statues of the "Loyal Three", which he claims are the true villains, treating Ogerpon "like an outcast". Kieran becomes agitated, saying that he was treated like an outcast when the team set off to find Ogerpon in the same night as the "Festival of Masks" event. Kieran becomes anguished and requests another battle with the player to see who gets to retain the mask.

After defeating him, Kieran punches the fence surrounding the signboard in despair, hurting his hand, before handing the Teal Mask back to the player, requesting that they send Ogerpon his regards. After Carmine tries to issue an apology, Kieran ignores them and runs home. Soon, a clacking sound is heard in the background, which Carmine claims it's coming from the Loyal Three Monument. The statues shake, glow, and explode the signboard in a bright flash of purple light. The dust clears, revealing the true Pokémon have been revived, to their disbelief.

The Loyal Three huddle before letting out a war-cry and setting off together, causing Carmine to become agitated once again. The threesome roam free outside Loyalty Plaza. Carmine says they were heading towards Kitakami Hall, demanding that the player gets there as soon as possible.

By the time the player gets there, he notices a meeting is going on between the caretaker and a group of people cheering. The caretaker tells the player that they were late, until Carmine arrives. He tells the player about the Loyal Three visiting the Festival Hall and wanting to collect the shining masks which were securely placed inside, which he accepted, to the player's and Carmine's shock, along with giving them some special Mochi as their reward, which they consumed. Carmine reminded the player in public that the "Loyal Three" (which she declares the "Lousy Three") are the antagonists, claiming that the masks belong to Ogerpon. She asks the caretaker where they went. To their shock, they went up Oni Mountain in pursuit of Ogerpon located in the Dreaded Den. The other party are delighted with the result, to Carmine's and the player's annoyance. Carmine tells the player that Ogerpon will be in trouble without their masks, and that he must be rescued. They split up, with Carmine demanding the player to go to the Dreaded Den to save Ogerpon, while Carmine hands back the Teal Mask and the Crystal Cluster and returns home to fix the mask.

By the time the player gets there, they notice the Loyal three surrounding a cornered Ogerpon, without their mask on at all. After taunting the maskless Pokémon, they battle the player one-be-one, with Munkidori stepping up to battle the trainer.

As Munkidori is defeated, it talks to the rest of the group again. Okidogi and Fezandipiti let off a cry, until Carmine returns, with her brother, telling the bullies off. Carmine initiates that the three trainers go up against the Loyal Three. Munkidori communicates with the team. They decide to run away, leaving Ogerpon alone. Kieran tells the player the truth about the mask, and how 'dumb' his actions were. He apologizes too. Carmine tells them that she dragged him up to there while they were battling the Loyal Three. They see Ogerpon standing up in delight. They come close to it. Kieran becomes stunned and amused by its maskless face, until his sister reminds him to give the mask back to it, which he tries to, but Ogerpon flinches in fear. He offers the mask to the player to see if they'll do it. Ogerpon takes the mask from the player and puts it on, delighting everybody, including the ogre. Carmine then suggests that the other three masks should be given back to it as well. Now that they know where Ogerpon is, she suggests that it should be protected while the others try to receive the three masks. She initiates a team called "The Mask Retrieval Squad" inviting all three of them together. They head to Mossui Town, with Ogerpon deciding to join the player in their adventure.

Ogerpon joins the new team at Mossui Town, still afraid. Carmine and Kieran suggest that they look after Ogerpon, which it declines. The player tells it to be good and stay out of trouble, which it agrees, causing Kieran to laugh and Carmine to become annoyed. The player then talks to the villagers in the area to gather info about the Loyal Three.

As soon as the player observes info from the villagers, the team huddle and return to greet Ogerpon. Carmine demands that they receive the information back to her, which she is thankful for. She records the info onto the player's phone, and leads everyone to retrieve the masks. However, Kieran refuses to come, annoying her. He claims that Ogerpon will feel safe with the player, and that he'll be busy doing other things. He runs away and leaves the team. The rest of the team, upset, decide that they'll take care of the masks themselves. The Loyal Three when encounterd, had grown to their Titan forms. Carmine and the player team up together to take each one down. A fainted titan will also drop one of Ogerpon's masks. Ogerpon picks it up, and celebrates with Carmine and the player in a photo. When all of the masks have been retrieved, Kieran arrives, requesting that he needs the player to head back to the village with the Ogre.

As soon as they walk into Mossui Town, Ogerpon becomes scared again. Kieran tries to regain Ogerpon's trust once again. They walk together outside the community center, where the caretaker and a group of people are waiting. They see the unmasked Ogerpon for the first time. The ogre curls up in fear, but the player notices and tries to reassure it. The caretaker realizes they've made a mistake, believing that Ogerpon was a disruptive force, and apologizes to it. Ogerpon becomes surprised by what it's heard. Grandpa explains to the group about Kieran telling everyone around the area the true story, but was afraid in-case he'll cause some 'resentment' that he tried to stop him. The whole community join in in owing Ogerpon an apology. Kieran offers Ogerpon entry to the village anytime it likes. Ogerpon smiles. The caretaker also mentions that the three masks that Carmine and the player picked up truly belonged to Ogerpon. Carmine then suggests taking Ogerpon back to its true home, the Dreaded Den. The main group arrive. A delighted Ogerpon runs closer to home. The player waves goodbye to the Ogre, but it runs back to greet him again. Carmine believes that Ogerpon, having befriended the player, would want to go with them. Kieran however holds them back, being infuriated about Ogerpon's lack of trust in him, and initiates yet another battle with the player, initiating a deal that whoever wins gets to keep Ogerpon.

Kieran drops to kis knees and slams his fists to the ground in despair. He gets up and apologizes to everyone for his actions. Ogerpon starts looking at both the player and Carmine. She suggests that the player should catch the Pokemon. The player agrees, and the two initiate a duel together to prove the player's power. Ogerpon chooses to don one of the four masks on, and terastallizes it, to Carmine's surprise. After the player takes out Ogerpon four times and catches it, Ogerpon offers the remaining three masks back to them. Carmine and Kieran (still unconvinced and jealous) congratulate the player for their achievement. He bursts into tears and runs away, leaving his sister annoyed. She reminded the player that Ogerpon's partner belongs to the trainer that wins Kieran's battle, and requests that they go home to rest. The next day, a student waits for the player outside the rest room, forwarding a message from Carmine. She requested that the player heads to the Loyalty Plaza immediately. By the time they arrive, the “Loyal Three Monument” is now ruined. She congratulates them and considers the Mask Retrieval Mission to be completed, but also mentions that Kieran has been locked away is his room. She requests a battle against the player with their newly caught Ogerpon, which they accept.

After the battle, Carmine compliments the player for their strength and close bond with Ogerpon. She tries to say something, but the player's Rotom Phone rings. Briar calls to say that all the students have completed their orienteering session, and that they need to speak to the caretaker back at the community center, where she'll also be going. She also praises the whole group for making 'fast friends'. Carmine, the player and the rest of the students arrive at the Community Center. Briar is a little concerned that all but one of them are present, and hands over to the caretaker. He announces that everybody has completed their orienteering, and the tour is over, to the students delight. The caretaker then gives the students the Kitakami Mochi Set as a reward. Briar then requests Carmine and Kieran to return to Blueberry Academy early to deal with developments concerning the Great Crater, to the player's shock. She thanks the caretaker for looking after her, then offers Carmine to deliver her message. Carmine says that Kieran is "feeling unwell", and that she'll be on her own for the meeting. She says she was born on this village and wouldn't want outsiders to come here at all, claiming that her home became “a tourist trap for strangers”. The rest of the students flinch in shock. It was until these students came that her perception of strangers changed, complimenting them for their behavior once they got speaking to her. She realizes that she shouldn't have been so judgmental to strangers. She thanks everybody, especially the player, for visiting and giving her a fun time in the village. She becomes sad about the player's departure, but is hopeful about the player's strength that they can compete with strong trainers. She goes to pack up, but promises to meet the player again soon. Briar suggests the other students should thank the caretaker for looking after them. Meanwhile... Kieran is in his room, still despairing about how he isn't the strongest trainer around, and he'll beat the player next time they meet. To be continued...

The Indigo Disk[]

The player will get a call from Clavell, initiating a chat with them, congratulating them about how much progress they've made. They then head over to Clavell's office at the NaranjaS/UvaV Academy to discuss the matter further.


After arriving at the academy, the player is greeted by Cyrano before being called by Clavell, telling him off for not addressing him properly and for not meeting up in his office. Clavell apologizes to the player before introducing them to the Blueberry Academy member, taking an interest in accepting them as an exchange student, before demanding him an explanation as to why he wants them to take part in his program. He doffs his hat briefly before he reminds himself about the player's school trip to Kitakami, where they met Carmine. Cyrano mentions that the player would be a great influence to his school and encourages them to come with, while Clavell agrees to offer his support, before handing the decision down to them.

The player agrees and they and Cyrano set their way to the Blueberry Academy, commencing the Indigo Disk storyline. They arrive outside the entrance to the academy and discuss, before Lacey arrives and greets them, becoming shocked that the player is actually the exchange student as part of Cyrano's program, and introduces herself to them, before commending them on how 'special' they are. Cyrano leaves it up to her to explain to the player about how things work, but she initially declines, claiming that he always pushes the boat onto her, before finally accepting.

They head toward the entrance and encounter a battlefield, where official matches are held, and that Wild Pokémon can Terastallize here. After a brief discussion, Cyrano decides that the two should battle one another on that court, while reminding her that she's a member of the Elite Four in the League Club; until she tells him off for spreading info about her family. Lacey apologizes to them for declining negotiation with him every time he has a brainwave, but is still excited about battling against the player, before explaining that the Blueberry Academy specializes in Double Battles. The battle immediately commences.

After the battle, Lacey congratulates the player for their skill. Cyrano was amazed at their battle before handing out some new uniform for the player to try on. Cyrano hands the player an Indigo Style Card, before Lacey suggests that the player should head inside the school, which leads to the Terarium.

The player is then introduced to the Dome-shaped structure and all the biomes. They are then offered to use the self-serve healing machines installed around the Terarium. Cyrano explains about a crystal at the top of the dome, known as the Terarium Core, packed full of a special material from the Paldea region. Cyrano remembers that Briar put the Core together. Suddenly, an announcement sounds, prompting that battle class will begin shortly at the Coastal Biome. Lacey encourages the player to take part in this class, before registering the map of the Terarium to their Rotom phone. Cyrano also adds the Blueberry Pokédex to the player's Pokédex app, before leaving them to it.

As they arrive, they see a group of people sat, with Lacey waiting. The teacher explains about regional forms to the students, before requesting them to catch an Alolan Form Pokémon, in which the class ends afterwards. Lacey suddenly remembers that she needed to head to the clubroom, giving the player one last note explaining the Blueberry Quests before leaving them to it.[2]

Carmine rings the player on her Rotom Phone, requesting that they meet her up at the Central Plaza. They arrive with Carmine, briefly talking to Amarys before the latter heads off. They get into position and start a Double Battle against each other.

After that finishes, she wonders if they've spoken to her brother, before overhearing a voice in the distance. They recognize the voice, revealing to be Kieran, with a different hairstyle to the Teal Mask. Kieran is seen threatening another trainer, excluding him from the club before storming off, with the latter protesting and going after him. Carmine recognizes his change of behavior and looks. She mentions to them that it hasn't changed since the end of the school trip at Kitakami. Drayton overhears the conversation and greets the duo. They introduce to each other before he shows them the clubroom, with Carmine questioning and becoming annoyed by his decisions before coming with the player.

Inside the League Club - with Carmine feeling hesitant, Drayton gives a explanation about the BB League, before she once again shares her concerns. She then notifies the player about the BB League Elite Four, and that Drayton is one of the members. He offers the player a 'trial basis', becoming clubmates with them before allowing them to use the room at any time. He then gives an explanation about the room's computer, before trading the player some Blueberry Points for them to contribute via the machine. Drayton congratulates them and gives them a Catching Charm and a League Club Uniform before heading off.

They look inside the new dorm room, before Carmine informs the player about Drayton and Kieran. She tells them that she's been intimidated by the latter since the Kitakami trip, overly focusing on battling to the point of losing sleep, claiming the BB League Championship after beating Drayton, and that he is the president of the League Club. She promises that they will keep in touch with him before informing them about Drayton, telling them he's not to be trusted, and that they shouldn't let their guard down when he's around. She tells them she'll be busy by the time they hang out with him, so they head alone to the Cafeteria.

By the time they get there, Drayton encourages the exchange student to join the BB League and become Champion before getting distracted by Kieran and the rest of the Elite Four. Kieran seems uninterested at hanging out with Drayton in the cafeteria, before telling him to train his Pokémon, which he declines, telling him that his best friend - the player - is hanging out with him right now, to his shock, until Lacey reassures him about how they got here, however, promises that they aren't yet good enough to join the League, with Drayton protesting, claiming that they'll miss out on "fun and friendship" if they're excluded, and that the place is about students "having autonomy". The Elite Four cast their votes, which end in a tie, so Drayton leaves the final vote to the president; but - with an annoyed look at the player - he says he doesn't lose, regardless of who he faces, and walks off, leaving the Elite Four astonished. Lacey becomes angry at Drayton for ignoring personal gain by manipulating other people, before the Elite Four minus Drayton, walk off. Drayton apologizes to the player and reassures that they will be best friends with Kieran, and that he's got their back before helping them sign up for the competition.

As soon as the player speaks to the receptionist at the entrance, she refuses to sign the player up for the BB League due to not being technically enrolled at the BB Academy; after Drayton gets involved in an argument with her, Kieran and Carmine arrive, with the former believing that he has told the truth, and - with a frustrated look - allows the player to join the BB League. Drayton takes note of Kieran's change of heart, but Kieran turns his back on him, assuming that he's the one manipulating other people for his gain, although he doesn't mind battling the player again. Kieran promises to them that they won't lose to anybody before their battle against each other. Carmine takes note of Kieran's rude attitude, but he hushes back at her, and walks away. She apologizes to the player about Kieran's attitude. After Drayton responds back - provoking her and resulting in an argument, he turns to the player, promising that great things will happen, but Carmine suspects "something fishy's going on", while still offering the player's support. As Carmine departs, the player is notified by the receptionist about the completed registration to the BB League, and will allow them to compete against the Elite Four thanks to their high level of acclaim, but only if they clear their trials - and gain enough Blueberry Points, before registering the locations of each member on their Rotom Phone.

After defeating the Elite Four and Kieran, the player is taken back into the clubroom with him, Carmine and Drayton. Briar confirms that she will be allowed to enter Area Zero in search of Terapagos, with Geeta and Rika also giving support. With Drayton staying behind, the player, Kieran - intending also to catch that said Pokémon, and Carmine agree to join Briar. Geeta hands the player the Indigo Disk.

The player makes their way towards the Paldea region's Area Zero to Zero Lab where the rest of the group are waiting. Briar explains about the lab before wanting to go deeper down, until Kieran notices that the gate's been closed. The player suggests that the lock should be disabled, which Briar agrees to. The player heads to the screen but is shown a warning message, indicating access has been revoked due to "Prolonged Inactivity". After a brief discussion, the screen beeps again, displaying the messages "Indigo Disk detected", "Insert Indigo Disk for greater access privileges" and "Insert Indigo Disk". Kieran becomes worried until Carmine reassures him. Briar recalls that Geeta gave the player a mysterious item before they departed. Carmine supports the player, who inserts the Disk into the machine.

The machine displays "Zero Lab Elevator redirected to Area Zero Underdepths" before opening the gate. The player heads into the lab, followed by the rest of the group. The camera soon pans to the Elevator with a down symbol at the other side of the lab, which Carmine notices and prompts Briar, who is alerted. They all decide to go down via the elevator. During the lift, Carmine prompts Briar to explain where the elevator's going, but she delays her response, thus keeping it a secret.

They all exit the elevator into the underdepths and are astonished by what they see up ahead. Briar exclaims after seeing a familiar looking cave, and that according to her data, the cave is considerably deeper than where they were last time around. Carmine becomes exhausted about still not being used to living in Area Zero. Kieran sees a desk with a group of books to his left. Briar exclaims again and take a close look at the desk, which turns out to be a report written by Sada, and concludes that Terapagos is the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, and the Stellar Type, which causes her to be curious. She hails the "marvelous" discovery of those documents, calling it a "veritable treasure trove", before Carmine and Kieran become desperate to move on.

Over the bridge, a bright, mysterious crystal blocks the path to the other side of the cave. Carmine suggests the player smashes through it with their Ride Pokémon, prompting Briar to stop everyone, and tell them that brute force will lead to consequences. Briar has a brief think, until they notice a sparkling Glimmora in the distance. Briar notices the sparkling effect, recognizing that it could be charged with a certain energy. She tries to take a closer look, but Carmine holds her back, saying she's "no good in a battle", substituting her for the player to take on that Pokémon.

As soon as the player initiates battle, the Glimmora displays its Stellar Tera type crown. Briar makes a massive realization as to what this energy could be. After defeating it, the blocking crystal disappears, to everyone's surprise. Briar concludes that the Tera Type was the Stellar Tera Type, before they advance to the next part of the cave, with the player picking up a Stellar Tera Shard.

The player encounters a Noivern with the Stellar Tera Type and defeats it, eliminating another blocking crystal in front of the rest of the team.

As soon as they meet up again, Carmine applauds the player's Ride Pokémon before they continue on. They defeat a sparkling Sandy Shocks/Iron Thorns, opening up another path. As they meet up, Briar's Rotom Phone opens. She says that the Terastal energy around them grows more dense the farther down they go. They continue onward down the helter skelter shaped path to the bottom of the cave, where there's another blocking crystal on one side and some water on the other side. The player swims to the other side of the cave and takes out a Garganacl. Kieran, forced by Carmine, calls out to the player saying that the path opened up.

When they meet, Kieran becomes agitated about the fact that they're relying too much on the player before running down the tunnel on his own. When they all enter the cave, Kieran's Tera Orb reacts, along with Carmine's. Briar picks up a "truly astounding level" of Terastal energy, before turning to the direction it's coming from. Kieran desperately runs towards that said direction, not listening to his worried sister. Briar comments that the truth behind the Scarlet Book is getting close, before coming with Kieran, scaring Carmine further. The player heads over there too, along with her.

Ahead is a pillar structure. Kieran looks around for the hidden treasure, but Briar sees it among the pillars. They look at a small stone inside the structure, in which Briar reads the book to check something. Kieran, not waiting any longer and with Briar not looking, grabs hold of the stone and tries to pull it out of the structure, taking his annoyance and jealousy out on all the player's and Carmine's commendations, and the player's love of Ogerpon while doing so. Despite Carmine's attempts to restrain, Kieran ignores her. Briar finally closes the book, and confirms that the crystal is the hidden treasure, before encouraging Kieran to pull it out.

Kieran finally pulls out the stone. It flies before landing on the ground. He runs over to pick it up. Briar quickly comes over and finds the exact page of the book, claiming that this stone is Terapagos. The stone glows and floats in the air with a shining light, causing the team to flinch. The stone converts into Terapagos' basic form. It looks at the player and crawls towards them. Kieran, annoyed that another rare Pokémon is about to occupy the player, successfully catches it with a Master Ball, which Briar congratulates him for and calls for a demonstration of the Pokémon's power. Kieran, still jealous about the player, agrees to do so and calls for a battle against the player with Terapagos in his party.

Before the battle starts, Terapagos activates its Tera Shift ability, converting it into its Terastal form, a more powerful form. Kieran claims it's the true form and that his chances of winning are guaranteed, until the player defeats it, to Kieran's bewilderment and annoyance. Carmine tries to cut him off. Briar notices something wrong with Terapagos, stating that its Terastal energy output is not high enough, and that it's different to the one mentioned in the Scarlet Book. She finally sees the critical part of the information and prompts Kieran to Terastallize Terapagos instantly; which he does.

Terapagos shines a bright light which flinches everyone. Briar hails that the truth in the Scarlet book has become a reality. Terapagos in converted into it's Stellar form, the strongest form. The Player's Ride Pokémon also appear in its battle form. Carmine prompts Kieran to return Terapagos back to its ball, which he tries to, but it fails, causing the ball to break out of his hands and fall onto the ground in two separate pieces. With Terapagos unable to be caught, the Player and Carmine take it on together as a duo. Briar prompts the kids to stop the Pokémon. Kieran realizes it is all his fault before being forced to withdraw from the battle. Terapagos activates its shield, prompting Briar to tell the battlers to terastallize their Pokémon. Soon, Briar facepalms after noticing that Terapagos absorbed Terastal energy again. Kieran, with tears in his eyes, after being encouraged by Carmine and the player to help out, eventually agrees and sends out his Hydrapple to help the player in his quest to take out Terapagos.

Terapagos faints. Kieran encourages the player to catch it, which they do, and succeed. As soon as the drama de-escalates, Briar apologizes for taking the exhibition too far, which Carmine declines angrily, claiming that she's "fixated on Terastal stuff" and has a high level of "obsessiveness". Kieran also becomes guilty for his actions, overlooking the player for their accolades and wishing he could be the same as them, before being encouraged by them for not being completely useless. He starts crying loudly, before Carmine knocks that off, noting that Kieran should let it go, before crying herself loudly too. Briar reckons that the two were so scared about what happened, before congratulating them both for their performances, and for helping the player catch Terapagos. She considers the expedition of Area Zero to be over. She takes everyone back to Blueberry Academy.

The exhausted team make their way back to Blueberry Academy. Kieran calls out the player for causing a lot of trouble for the League Club before initiating an apology with them and claiming that he'll try to put things right. He then plans to make friends with the player, which they nod; but both of them get warned by Carmine for being left behind. The camera pans up to the sky as the dawn arises and the credits roll.

Mochi Mayhem[]

The Mochi Mayhem takes place in Kitakami.


While in Kitakami, the player passes by Peachy's and notices a strange berry-like object on the display counter. They notice that it has appeared to move slightly, but before they could examine it further, Arven calls them, wanting to hang out with them at their home, which they agree to. By the time the call finishes, the berry-like object is nowhere to be seen.

Returning home, the player also discovers Nemona and Penny. Arven apologizes, as the two overheard his conversation and joined in. The player does not mind and they have a small hangout before the player's mom gives them a letter from a Kieran. She goes down to get desserts, causing Nemona and Penny to go down and help, while Arven asks the player to read the letter. In the letter, Kieran apologizes for his previous actions and wishes to talk more now that he is on a break, asking them to bring their friends along as he's even paid for their tickets. The player and Arven then go down and inform Nemona and Penny, and the group agrees to go to Kitakami.

Once final preparations are made, the group takes a flight to Kitakami and arrive at Mossui Town, where the caretaker greets them. The three are curious about Kieran, so they pay a visit to his house. Almost immediately, Nemona drags him to the courtyard for a battle, where he loses and expresses his surprise at how strong she is. Suddenly, Carmine appears, but she inexplicably starts yelling mochi while dancing awkwardly, so the group takes her back home. There, Kieran states that she had started acting unusual after he had sent them the letter, and wonders if there really is a curse. The four agree to help him, though as it is getting late, he decides to wait the next day.

Nemona returns from Peachy's while Arven wants to change the contents of the TV. They thus have a competition to see who would do what for the first person who finds the remote. The player finds it first, though they soon discover Nemona is missing. Penny tries to call her to no avail, so Kieran and the player go out to look for her while she and Arven stay incase she returns. When they head out, they find two people which Kieran assumes were orchard workers and talk to them. However, like Carmine, they appear to be in a trance and mutter mochi before attacking the pair, though they subdue them. They then spot Nemona heading towards Kitakami Hall and follow her there, running into Hideko and Yukito.

Kieran asks Hideko about Carmine, who then asks Yukito about it, but she insists he eat some mochi. Hideko eats one before the two suddenly dance and talk about mochi, much to the player and Kieran's shock as they are roped into another battle. Arven then calls the player, telling them that he and Penny went out before being beset by the villagers and were holding out at Peachy's before the call cuts. Kieran decides to return to Peachy's and they discover the two still alive. Penny remarks about having seen a "small thing", but they soon discover it above Peachy's, which fires mochi at the four. Penny and Arven eat theirs, while the player dodges it and Kieran is hit in the head by his. As a result of eating the mochi, Arven and Penny become enthralled and attack the two. The small Pokémon then flees, with the two arriving at Loyalty Plaza; they split up to look for it.

When they arrive, they discover Nemona also enthralled by the Pokémon just as the others arrive. Kieran holds them off while the player battles Nemona, successfully defeating her. They then challenge the Pokémon, defeating and catching it, restoring everyone to normal. The next few days pass without incident and the four prepare to leave. Kieran thanks the group for their assistance, stating that he'll give the academy another shot; this in turn would result in Carmine also going back.


  1. ^ From the release of the Indigo Disk onwards, Clavell will call the player, therefore unlocking the Indigo Disk storyline.
  2. ^ If the player has not completed the main Paldea and Kitakami storylines they will not be eligible to continue the story.