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The Golden Boys is a manga series. It is based upon Pokémon Gold and Silver Version, and Pokémon Crystal Version games. It ran for three volumes, and ended abruptly at Cianwood City.


List of The Golden Boys volumes
# Chapters Cover
Vol. 1
  1. Let's Go! The Journey Towards the Championship
  2. Falkner, the Bird Keeper's Challenge!!
  3. The Legendary Pokémon Appears!!
  4. Let's Aim for the Goal!!
  5. Extreme Power! The Friday Pokémon
  6. Get Up Again, Bayleef
  7. The Great Search! Let's Rescue the Slowpokes!!
  8. For Pikachu's Sake!! The Search for the Missing Farfetch'd
Vol. 2
  1. GB009: Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!
  2. GB010: A Huge Mysterious Tree!!
  3. GB011: Gold And Black VS Team Rocket
  4. GB012: The Legendary Pokémon
  5. GB013: A Promise Given To Miltank
  6. GB014: Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament
  7. GB015: Escape From The Mystery Forest!
  8. GB016: The New Pokémon Is Hatched!
Vol. 3
  1. GB017: A Spectacular Battle to save Ampharos!
  2. GB018: Let's Survive this Sea Battle!
  3. GB019: The Truth About the Mysterious Whirl Islands!!
  4. GB020: A Serious Crisis!! The Battle With Lugia!
  5. GB021: The Secret of the Fighting Type Pokémon
  6. GB022: Farewell To Pikachu?!
  7. GB023: Let's Fight for the Future!!


  • The Golden Boys manga ended abruptly without completing the full Gold, Silver and Crystal Storyline, though it was clearly meant to and was cut short for an unknown reason.
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