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The Electric Tale of Pikachu (ポケットモンスター・電撃(でんげき)ピカチュウ, Poketto Monsutaa Dengeki Pikachu, Pocket Monsters: Electric Shock Pikachu) is a manga series by Toshihiro Ono. The manga is loosely based on Indigo League and Adventures on the Orange Islands of Pokémon the Series: The Beginning. It has a total of four volumes and was written and illustrated by Toshihiro Ono.

Differences between the Anime and Manga

  • Ash Ketchum's clothes were completely different from the anime and it appears to be more like based on Red's attire from the video game series.
  • Gary Oak has a sister in the manga and she was named May Oak instead of Daisy Oak from the video game version, that might avoid the conflict with Misty's sister.


List of The Electric Tale of Pikachu volumes
# Chapters Cover
Vol. 1
  1. Pikachu, I See You!
  2. Play Misty for Me
  3. Clefairy Tale
  4. Haunting My Dreams
Viz Media The Electric Tale of Pikachu volume 1.png
Vol. 2
  1. The Human Race and the Pokémon Race
  2. To Evolve or Not to Evolve, That Is the Question!
  3. Pikachu's Excellent Adventure
  4. You Gotta Have Friends
Viz Media The Electric Tale of Pikachu volume 2.jpg
Vol. 3
  1. I'm Your Venusaur
  2. Clefairy in Space
  3. Days of Gloom and Glory
  4. Welcome to the Big Leagues
  5. The Indigo Finals
  6. The Orange Islands
Viz Media The Electric Tale of Pikachu volume 3.png
Vol. 4
  1. Attack of the Demon Stomach
  2. You Bet Your Wife
  3. The Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader
  4. Pikachu's Plan
  5. Side Story: Ash vs. Gary
  6. Epilogue: Wild Type
Viz Media The Electric Tale of Pikachu volume 4.png

In other countries and languages

Name(s) Countries Publisher(s) Published
Poketto Monsutaa Dengeki Pikachu
(Pocket Monsters: Electric Shock Pikachu)
Flag of Japan.png Japan Shogakakun October 28, 1997–January 28, 2000
포켓몬스터 전격피카츄
Poket Monseuteo Jeongyeok Pikachu
(Pocket Monsters: Lightning Pikachu)
Flag of South Korea.png South Korea Daewon C.I. November 23, 1999–February 25, 2001
Tiān-kek Phê-khah-khu
(Electric Shock Pikachu)
Flag of Taiwan (Republic of China).png Taiwan Da Ran Culture January 1, 1999-Unknown
Din6gik1 Bei2kaa1ciu1
(Electric Shock Pikachu)
Flag of Hong Kong.png Hong Kong Da Ran Culture (Hong Kong) Unknown
The Electric Tale of Pikachu Flag of the United States.png United States VIZ Media August 6, 1999–June 9, 2000
Flag of Canada.png Canada
Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom August 1, 2018–December 13, 1999
Flag of Singapore.png Singapore CHUANG YI January-April 2000


  • The scene from "To Evolve or Not to Evolve, That Is the Question!" in the Hot Springs that showed Misty naked was completely removed by VIZ Media in North America, due to containing adult content and nudity, which is considered unsuitable for international audiences.