The 7 Grapefruit Islands are multiple islands where Ash captures his second Pokémon in the Orange Islands. They are a chain of seven tiny isles in the eastern region and grow grapefruits. It is the only place in the Orange Islands where they grow them. The people on this island also make the grapefruit peels into candies.

Although the islands are famous for their grapefruits, they were not grown naturally. Each island is covered in grapefruit trees. And although grape fruits are very delicious, they are very difficult to eat because of the tough peels. The grapefruits grown on the islands are larger than a regular grapefruit.

The island needed Ash and his friends' help to stop a Snorlax from eating all the grapefruits. At the end of the episode, thanks to the help of Jigglypuff's Sing, which puts everyone to sleep, and Pikachu's Thunder, Ash captured the Snorlax and saved the grapefruit company from losing all of their product.

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