{{Pokémon Character Box
|name                 = (Pokémon name)
|japanese             = (Pokémon Japanese name, in Katakana, also in roman alphabet letters if used)
|image                = (Image)
|type                 = (Primary Type)
|gender               = (gender)
|ability              = (ability)
|trainer              = (Trainer/owner of Pokémon)
|debut                = (episode appear)
|episodecaught        = (episode caught)
|caughtwhere          = (where caught)
|receivein            = (received in)
|receivefrom          = (where received)
|hatchedin            = (episode hatched)
|location             = (current location)
|releasein            = (episode released)
|episodesuntilevolved = (when Pokémon evolved)
|evolvesin            = (what episode does Pokémon evolve in)
|trade                = (who was it traded to)
|tradefor             = (who was it traded for)
|tradein              = (what episode was the Pokémon traded in)
|OT                   = (Original Trainer)
|shiny                = (shiny yes or no)
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