|type    =
|type2   =
|stage1  =
|stage2  =
|stage3  =
|stageSP =
|img1    =
|img2    =
|img3    =
|imgSP   =
|        =

This template displays a Pokémon's moves and images of those moves in a gallery, the latter separated into tabbers.

  • type: a Pokémon's type.
  • type2: a Pokémon's secondary type, if it exists.
  • stage1: the name of the Pokémon in its first stage. This is only applied if the Pokémon evolved or has an alternative form.
  • stage2: the name of thee Pokémon in its evolved, second stage.
  • stage3: the name of the Pokémon in its evolved, third stage (compared to its first stage).
  • stageSP: the name of the Pokémon in its alternative form (Mega Evolution, Gigantamax or other variants).
  • img1: the images of the Pokémon's moves. Each image can be captioned only after the filename the characters {{!}} are written. Each filename must be separated by a new line break.
  • img2: same as img1 for the second stage of a Pokémon.
  • img3: same as img1 for the third stage of a Pokémon.
  • imgSP: same as img1 for the alternative forms of a Pokémon.

As this template conveys information about types, it is also styled by JavaScript under MediaWiki:Wikia.js.

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