This template is used to display images of the mid-episode segments, like "Who's That Pokémon?" or "Pokémon Quiz".

It takes nine parameters: two filenames for English segments, two for their descriptions, two filenames for Japanese segments and two for their descriptions. The final unnamed parameter is used to display a caption of the gallery. It can take:

  • WTP: displays "Who's That Pokémon? / Dare da?"
  • WTPCE: displays "Who's That Pokémon? / Character Eyecatch"
  • TC: displays "Trainer's Choice"
  • CE: displays "Character Eyecatch
  • any other value


|en1     =
|enDesc1 =
|en2     =
|enDesc2 =
|jp1     =
|jpDesc1 =
|jp2     =
|jpDesc2 =
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