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Team Snagem are the minor antagonists in Pokémon Colosseum led by Gonzap. When you play the game, you will roam around the Orre region, and stop their evil plots. In the beginning of the game, your character (Wes) is seen stealing a suit and a Snag Machine from Team Snagem's Base and detonating a bomb (this is where the story begins, as your character was once with Team Snagem, but left them out of disgust). Team Snagem appeared again in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness as a minor antagonist, but instead of helping Cipher like they did in the last game, they are working against them.


  • Team Snagem has a name based on two words: Snag and them.
  • Team Snagem is also the only team that doesn't have a name based on space or any substances found on earth.
  • Should the player defeat Gonzap in round 5 of Orre Colosseum, Gonzap will grant him the official title of "Honorary member of Team Snagem," declaring that they will "always be welcome with Team Snagem." This makes Snagem the only evil team in the franchise that the main character can actually join.
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