Design in Sun & Moon

Team Rocket's balloon is a running gag, used by Team Rocket trio in Pokémon anime. It is their main transportation.


In Original Series balloon appeared stylized as Meowth's head with raised paw on right side, ears, vibrisses, amulet and tail on rear, balloon had green basket and beige sandbags. Under basket it had a door for various mechas, same design kept until Best Wishes!, it is was destroyed many times and trio many times blasted off from it but they every time repaired it.

In JE053 Team Rocket used mecha to transfer large objects on ballon with beige sandbags, instead of usual green basket, but it was destroyed with balloon in the end of the episode. In JE094 they used it again, but it got destroyed. In JE110 they used it again and it got destroyed with balloon. It was also used in JE120, but got destroyed. It was used in JE143 and was destroyed again. It was used it AG034 and it got destroyed.

In JE076 after they usual Meowth balloon got destroyed, they appeared using Wobbuffet-stylized balloon with Team Rocket logo on it, leaving the same basket. It was nicknamed "Wobballoon", sooner it was destroyed. In JE126 it appeared again as alternate and got destroyed. In DP014 it reappeared again as alternative balloon, it again was destroyed and wasn't repaired.

In JE130 they transform they transform the balloon into robot, called "Hot Air Balloon Transformer Model", but this mecha got destroyed.

In JE149 they used Sneasel balloon, it was stylised as Sneasel's head with tail on rear. The balloon was accidently destroyed by Team Rocket's Meowth and wasn't repaired.


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