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Team Rocket's Team Song (ロケット団団歌(だんだんか) Roketto-dan Danka) is the sixth Japanese ending theme of the XY series.



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♪ Roketto-dan no Ro no ji wa roman no Ro Roketto-dan no ke no ji wa roman no ke Roketto-dan no chitchai tsu wa "Ttarimee yoo, aku da mono 'rrasshai 'rrasshai kakatte koi! 'tte kaa, Pikachuu tsuyosugii nya" Da yoo no tssu!

"Ya na kanjii" to tobasarete Shita ni mieru wa, chiisa na chikyuu Mori mo yama mo Pokémon mo Minna hitotsu sa Ii kanji

Ochita saki ga doko da tote Ashita ni sonaete haragoshirae Miagerya tsuki ga kagayaite Me to me wo awasete waraiau Waahahhahhaa

Warera fukutsu no Roketto-dan Nakuko mo damasu Roketto-dan (Soonansu) ♪


TV Size

♪ The "Ro" in the Rocket Gang stands for romanticism The "ke" in the Rocket Gang stands for keennes The little "c" in the Rocket Gang between the two stands for "Course, we're villians!" "Come on, come at us!" "Clearly, though, Pikachu's too strong!", You see!!!

"This feels bad!" we scream as we are blasted off Below us we can see a tiny tiny Earth Forests, mountains, Pokémon and all Blur together into one This feels good

Wherever it is we end up landing We fortily ourselves with food in preparation for tomorrow We took up at the moon; It's shining bright Our eyes meet and we laugh Bwa-ha-ha-ha

We are the indomitable Rocket Gang Those who'd even deceive a crying child: The Rocket Gang (Sonansu) ♪