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This Pelipper is a water/flying-type Pokémon owned by Team Rocket Grunts. Its main purpose is to follow Jessie and James and to drop the Rocket Prize Master whenever they need it for battle.


Pelipper usually appears whenever Team Rocket calls for it. When it is called, it drops the Rocket Prize Master so that Team Rocket can use Pokémon, usually to fight Ash and Goh. In To Train, or Not to Train!, it instead battles for Team Rocket against Chloe's Eevee and Yamper, as the machine had malfunctioned. Despite its best efforts, it was defeated by a joint Spark attack and blasted off.

When Team Rocket tried to steal Bluto and Gorman's Pokémon, they called Pelipper to drop the Rocket Prize Master for them, but when the two Poké Maniacs became obsessed with its blue coloring, Pelipper became terrified and fled with the machine in tow, leaving them with no Pokémon to fight and ended up being blasted off by Pikachu again.

Known moves