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This Chewtle is a water-type Pokémon owned by Team Rocket Grunts.


It was found by Team Rocket's Jessie and James in the morning at Wyndon Stadium, biting Jessie's hair harmlessly. Realizing that Chewtle is a pre-evolved of Drednaw, then capable of Gigantamaxing like a previous Drednaw they failed to catch yesterday night, Team Rocket decide to keep Chewtle as a present for their boss Giovanni.[1]

Chewtle later reappeared after it was released from the Rocket Prize Master by Jessie. She used it to battle against Ash's Pikachu and Goh's Scorbunny after they had discovered their secret base hidden under Vermilion City. While Chewtle easily defeated Scorbunny, they ultimately lost and were sent blasting off. Later that same day, Chewtle had a rematch with Scorbunny after Scorbunny had accidentally encountered Team Rocket after running away from Goh due to an argument they had. Eventually, Chewtle was defeated after Goh and Scorbunny mastered Ember, causing Scorbunny to evolve into Raboot and sending them blasting off for a second time.[2]

Jessie's Wobbuffet accidentally sent it out, and it ended up racing against a Turtwig(and eventually a bunch of other turtle Pokémon) across a park, but it won the race by default as its competitors were called back their trainer.[3]

Known moves


  • In the original Japanese, Jessie refers to Chewtle (Kamukame) as “Kamukamu”.
  • Chewtle is currently the only Pokémon from the Rocket Prize Master to not be a one off character.
  • "Pikachu Translation Check..." shows footage of it being present when the Team Rocket Trio were blasted off, but it unknown when this took place.