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Team GO Rocket is a villainous organization introduced in Pokémon GO. The Player can battle their grunts who hide in PokéStops and fly in Hot Air Balloons.


Team Go Rocket's grunts first appeared in the game on July 22, 2019, invading PokéStops for 24 hours with Shadow Pokémon.

After that was stopped suddenly, they reappeared 3 days later and more frequently, along with a special field research quest.

As a publicity stunt by Niantic, on July 27, 2019, they invaded most of N York's PokéStops and hacked the game's social media, sharing information about themselves and Giovanni's ambitions.

The next day, they claimed the New York invasion was a decoy and invaded every Pokéstop from 4-5 pm EST.

They extended their roster several times.

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