Team Dim Sun is the main antagonist group of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Their main purpose was to take control of all the Pokémon in the Almia region by using Darkrai's dark powers. They are also the creators of the Gigaremo, a heavy machine that controls Pokémon and the smaller, portable version of the Gigaremo, the Miniremo.

Team Dim Sun was found by Altru. Inc president Blake Hall in his plan to conquer the world. He had TDS gather the fragments of the Shadow Crystal and eventually capture the Darkrai guarding it so the could obtain the crystal. TDS created the Gigaremo units to utilize the dark powers of the fragments so they could control Pokemon. The second in command, Kincaid went undercover as a teacher in the Ranger School to recruit a genius that comes once in a century to finish TDS's master plan. In the end, TDS's master plan failed when a team of top rangers stormed their Incredible Machine and purified the Shadow Crystal, rendering it and all it's fragments permanently useless.


Team Dim Sun is probably named after dim sum, a category of Chinese style dishes. Also, the Japanese name of the group name, Dim Sun, is ヤミヤミ, which when translated to romaji, is yami yami, which oddly enough, sounds like yummy yummy.

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