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Tara Sands is an English voice actress and one of the original voice actresses for Pokémon. She has been known to voice both male and female humans in the Pokémon series, especially young boys. Aside from this she was also credited for playing the main character Tiara from Shamanic Princess. She also has some voice roles in video games.




Non-Pokémon series

  • Ria Petoriyacowa (Agent Aika)
  • Pipotchi (Ape Escape 2, US version)
  • Summer (Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse)
  • Kari Kamiya, Homeostasis (Digimon Adventure tri.)
  • Dream (F-Zero: GP Legend)
  • Chase (Fighting Foodons)
  • Circe (Generator Rex)
  • Anzai (Ghost Talker's Daydream (Credited as Rita Stevens))
  • Kippie (Glitter Force Doki Doki)
  • Fololo and Falala, Princess Rona's Lady in Waiting (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
  • Tadami (Legend of Himiko)
  • Solude (Maze)
  • Megumi (Nana Seven of Seven)
  • Kaya, Nojiko (One Piece (4Kids dub))
  • Aun Freya (Photon: The Idiot Adventures)
  • Tiara (Shamanic Princess)
  • Genis Sage, Seles Wilder, Noble B and Verius (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)
  • Llewelyn, Yumei, Shiho, Nanami, Claire, Celia, Lemia, Millia and Ai (Valkyrie Profile)
  • Mokuba Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh! (Up until Season 5), Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Coliseum, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions)


  • It is noted on her official website, her animation reel plays several voices of characters she has portrayed, including Marissa.
  • She, along with fellow former Pokémon VA Megan Hollingshead, worked on "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World" as Genis Sage and Sheena Fujibayashi respectively, though neither of them were credited for it.
    • She also voiced Seles Wilder, a Female Noble, and Verius, the Summon Spirit of Heart.
  • Tara was involved in 7 anime OVA's not meant for children, despite the fact that she not only voices children's anime but also narrates children's audio books.
  • For a time she was the co-hostess of Cartoon Network's Fridays block.
  • After her departure from the series, stock audio was used to voice Bulbasaur in season eight and Phanpy in season nine; these roles were later taken over by Michele Knotz and Jamie Peacock, respectively.