What I'm hoping for in Sword and Shield and its region

A part of me is hoping that the new Galar region will have Steampunk trainers that specialize in Steel-types (like Klink and its evolved forms), as swimming trainers are of water-types, or could have one of Sword and Shield's gym leaders or Elite Four members of Steel-types as a Steampunker. Would have a few Galar form Pokémon, for Ponyta/Rapidash (as England's crest has a unicorn in it), Stantler (as many Scottish crests have stags in them), Miltank, Pyroar (for the reason that England's crest has a lion in it), Mudsdale and Honedge along with its evolved forms, have one or two new Eevee evolves of a Dragon or Steel type (where a held item like a gear or a scale helps Eevee to evolve). As well as hoping for a Legendary Pokémon version of Nessie and finally having a Dark-type gym because it is one the gym of that type that they hadn't done. Frie-ice (talk)

Now now, you'll have to wait to see what they develop in upcoming months, as a wait and see what'll happen ideal things such as this should be posted on a blog instead of a talk page. From there, in comments you'll see all type of fans chatting away about Galar region so yeah this should be posted in there instead of here alright. So you know...Trainer Micah (talk) 18:18, March 21, 2019 (UTC)     
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