Hey, should it be noted you can attract lucario using honey? It happens rarely but is possible in modern generations like platinum. Go to the first row of trees oin eterna forest on the right, make sure its close to either the end of night or early morning, go to the most top left bush of grass, use the honey (it takes a few tries to do this) and after awhile you'll meet up with a lucario, good for wild lucario gender hunting (cuase getting a female lucario is pretty antagonizing). another way is to go into the trophy garden behind the mansion at pure night, hug the left side of the steps and then go to the third bush, ussually krikcetune will spawn but you can get a lucario to spawn at other times instead of kricketen. make sure youre 3 bushes up and facing the left side of the stairway or it might not work

so should it be listed you can attract lucario with honey? and remember its way easier to get a lucario to spawn at these areas at night time with honey, and if you arent in the right patch of tall grass it might not work.

thanks, this again is my concern but im always willing to help other players out, especially at finding rare pokemon such as lucario hotspots. ( 00:00, July 21, 2012 (UTC))

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