Re:The Plot of this episode was

As our Hero's journey continue's through a forest Iris remember's on how she meet Axew & a dragon elder in her home town in unava in which She & Cilian have a pratice battle to see if Axew can learn a new move in which Axew does Axew learns Dragon Rage & Scratch however due to or gang's suprise:

the plot here: is there was a Big Bang since Axew didn't really get the hang of Dragon Rage the 1st time kept trying

After awhile Ash & Pikachu had a practice battle after it the gang had a lunch break & woke up as sleeping As Pikachu & Axew were playing they woke up Scolopede & started Running in a rage as the gang went after it they really chased Scolopede really far down route 3 while going after it & trying to rescue Axew 'After that else where Team Rocket was in a unkown location talking to a computer which in this case was there boss which tells them to head meet someone in a unkown location to pick him in a rescue mission and have him meet up and go to Dr. Zager while he has there next mission...

2nd Plot here is in a episode Where Pirece was supose to meet Jessie & James on a get away truck while they fly off from the police force's as the truck explode's as Pirece had there mission waiting & telling them to steal a Meteorite and have someone check it & delever it to Dr Zeger of Team Rocket..

After that Iris & co. try to Rescue Axew as they battle Scholopede slowing it down thinkfully to Iris's Suprise Excadrill woke up and battled it useing Drill Run & Dig it was getting beat which Excadrill made a run for it while weakend & nabbed Axew from Scholopede as it calned down someplace else and as our story end Iris Happy to see Axew back & okay the Team set off once more to Nercene City & Ash's Next gym battle...

as the journey continues... what do you think..Trainer Micah (talk) 19:57, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

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