Buddy (相棒 Partner) is the 3rd episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings.


What could Wooloo be up to? Find out in the latest episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings!

Episode Plot

A boy gains his Wooloo's attention, as they see on the screen a battle between Leon and Bea. The boy is especially fond of Leon's Charizard, and plays with the toy. The boy is proud of his big brother, who is the Champion. He tells Wooloo it has to be as strong as Charizard, and stops the screen to show Charizard executing an attack on Machamp. Leon is envious of Charizard, to which Wooloo shows its teeth, resembling a Charizard. The boy laughs, reminding Wooloo it is not a Fire-type Pokémon to do that. Wooloo climbs atop of the boy's bed, and jumps to attack, but fails. The boy laughs, but he is a bit ashamed that Wooloo knows Tackle and Defense Curl so far. Still, he continues to watch TV to study his brother some more.

Wooloo is a bit annoyed. As the boy dreams of challenging the Pokémon League with Wooloo, he notices the latter is gone. Wooloo walks around town, and passes by a Duskull. It notices a poster of Leon and Charizard, and snarls upon that picture. However, it gets the attention of a certain Pokémon, who crackles with electricity, and starts to chase Wooloo. Wooloo runs off from this Pokémon, and stops a bit. Upon seeing a pyromaniac and his Charmander breathing fire, Wooloo thinks of Charizard's Flamethrower. It becomes angry, and spouts out some air, pretending to be fire. Suddenly, a bunch of girls start to take photos of the cute Wooloo. Wooloo becomes overwhelmed, and runs off in fear.

Wooloo continues to run, and sees a rock protuding. Fueled by its annoyance towards Charizard, Wooloo runs off and jumps. However, this is actually the end of a cliff, and Wooloo falls down by a slope. Wooloo screams, and gains the attention of a Wooloo farm, run by a trainer. The trainer tends to the fainted Wooloo, and sees it has a nametag around its collar. The trainer suspects this is someone's Wooloo, and that someone must misses Wooloo's presence. A moment later, the trainer calls the Corviknight taxi driver, and asks them to deliver Wooloo back to their trainer. Wooloo becomes very agitated, until Corviknight takes it away. The trainer bids them farewell, and strokes his Wooloo, who give him his stick back.

The boy's Wooloo becomes sad, thinking that this trainer, the pyromaniac and the girls treated their Pokémon with kindness. It then thinks of its trainer, who used to play with them, and starts to cry. The boy, however, runs around town to ask about his Wooloo, and arrives to a flowery field. He screams for Wooloo's name, and Wooloo hears him. It comes at the window, where its friendship bracelet snaps and falls down. The boy notices this, and sees Wooloo from the Corviknight taxi. The boy runs, yelling for Wooloo: he realizes that Wooloo has its own specialties, and wants to go with it to the Pokémon League together. The taxi driver hears him, and asks of Corviknight to land down.

However, Wooloo jumps out of the taxi, and lands into the boy's arms. The boy is glad that his Wooloo has returned, and tells it is perfect the way it is, while Wooloo continues to imitate Charizard. The taxi driver is glad to see the two reunited, and offers them a ride. A moment later, the taxi driver contemplates how Wooloo took him by surprise by jumping out from such a great height. He believes that the boy and Wooloo must have a strong bond with one another. He asks for their opinion, but both the boy and Wooloo are asleep.

Elsewhere, a girl looks to her puffed-up Qwilfish.


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