Technical Record, or TR for short, is an item introduced in Generation VIII that can be used to teach a Pokémon a move. As with TMs prior to Generation V, they are single-use items that are consumed after use.

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, TRs are most typically found in the Wild Area, where they can be received as rewards for completing Max Raid Battles, or can be exchanged for watts with several attendees throughout the area.

List of TRs

TR Move Type
TR00 Swords Dance Type Normal
TR01 Body Slam Type Normal
TR02 Flamethrower Type Fire
TR03 Hydro Pump Type Water
TR04 Surf Type Water
TR05 Ice Beam Type Ice
TR06 Blizzard Type Ice
TR07 Low Kick Type Fighting
TR08 Thunderbolt Type Electric
TR09 Thunder Type Electric
TR10 Earthquake Type Ground
TR11 Psychic Type Psychic
TR12 Agility Type Psychic
TR13 Focus Energy Type Normal
TR14 Metronome Type Normal
TR15 Fire Blast Type Fire
TR16 Waterfall Type Water
TR17 Amnesia Type Psychic
TR18 Leech Life Type Bug
TR19 Tri Attack Type Normal
TR20 Substitute Type Normal
TR21 Reversal Type Fighting
TR22 Sludge Type Poison
TR23 Spikes Type Ground
TR24 Outrage Type Dragon
TR25 Psyshock Type Psychic
TR26 Endure Type Normal
TR27 Sleep Talk Type Normal
TR28 Megahorn Type Bug
TR29 Baton Pass Type Normal
TR30 Encore Type Normal
TR31 Iron Tail Type Steel
TR32 Crunch Type Dark
TR33 Shadow Ball Type Ghost
TR34 Future Sight Type Psychic
TR35 Uproar Type Normal
TR36 Heat Wave Type Fire
TR37 Taunt Type Dark
TR38 Trick Type Psychic
TR39 Superpower Type Fighting
TR40 Skill Swap Type Psychic
TR41 Blaze Kick Type Fire
TR42 Hyper Voice Type Normal
TR43 Overheat Type Fire
TR44 Cosmic Power Type Psychic
TR45 Muddy Water Type Water
TR46 Iron Defense Type Steel
TR47 Dragon Claw Type Dragon
TR48 Bulk Up Type Fighting
TR49 Calm Mind Type Psychic
TR50 Leaf Blade Type Grass
TR51 Dragon Dance Type Dragon
TR52 Gyro Ball Type Steel
TR53 Close Combat Type Fighting
TR54 Toxic Spikes Type Poison
TR55 Flare Blitz Type Fire
TR56 Aura Sphere Type Fighting
TR57 Poison Jab Type Poison
TR58 Dark Pulse Type Dark
TR59 Seed Bomb Type Grass
TR60 X-Scissor Type Bug
TR61 Bug Buzz Type Bug
TR62 Dragon Pulse Type Dragon
TR63 Power Gem Type Rock
TR64 Focus Blast Type Fighting
TR65 Energy Ball Type Grass
TR66 Brave Bird Type Flying
TR67 Earth Power Type Ground
TR68 Nasty Plot Type Dark
TR69 Zen Headbutt Type Psychic
TR70 Flash Cannon Type Steel
TR71 Leaf Storm Type Grass
TR72 Power Whip Type Grass
TR73 Gunk Shot Type Poison
TR74 Iron Head Type Steel
TR75 Stone Edge Type Rock
TR76 Stealth Rock Type Rock
TR77 Grass Knot Type Grass
TR78 Sludge Wave Type Poison
TR79 Heavy Slam Type Steel
TR80 Electro Ball Type Electric
TR81 Foul Play Type Dark
TR82 Stored Power Type Psychic
TR83 Ally Switch Type Psychic
TR84 Scald Type Water
TR85 Work Up Type Normal
TR86 Wild Charge Type Electric
TR87 Drill Run Type Ground
TR88 Heat Crash Type Fire
TR89 Hurricane Type Flying
TR90 Play Rough Type Fairy
TR91 Venom Drench Type Poison
TR92 Dazzling Gleam Type Fairy
TR93 Darkest Lariat Type Dark
TR94 High Horsepower Type Ground
TR95 Throat Chop Type Dark
TR96 Pollen Puff Type Bug
TR97 Psychic Fangs Type Psychic
TR98 Liquidation Type Water
TR99 Body Press Type Fighting


  • TRs resemble records. Records are notoriously fragile, explaining why it breaks after one use.


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