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TM75 TMs TM77

TM76 is a TM introduced in Generation IV.

IV Rock TM Sprite.png Stealth Rock
DPPt Reward or defeating Oreburgh City Gym
HGSS Mt. Silver
Celadon Department Store (Poké Dollar.png2000)
V Bug TM Sprite.png Struggle Bug
BWB2W2 Reward of defeating Castelia City Gym
VI Bug TM Gen VI Sprite.png Struggle Bug
XY Lumiose City South Boulevard Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png10,000)
ORAS Slateport City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png5,000)
VII Flying TM Gen VI Sprite.png Fly
SMUSUM Malie City Library
VIII Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png Round
SWSH Motostoke upper Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png10,000)