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TM66 TMs TM68

TM67 is a TM introduced in Generation IV.

IV Normal TM Sprite.png Recycle
DPPt Eterna City Condominiums
HGSS Celadon City
V Normal TM Sprite.png Retaliate
BW Reward of defeating Nacrene City Gym
B2W2 Plasma Frigate
VI Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png Retaliate
XY Battle Maison (48 BP)
ORAS Reward of defeating Petalburg City Gym
VII Steel TM Gen VI Sprite.png Smart Strike
SMUSUM Lush Jungle
VIII Ice TM Gen VI Sprite.png Ice Fang
SWSH Hammerlocke eastern Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png30,000)