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TM60 may refer to:

Generation IV Fighting TM Sprite Drain Punch
DPPt Reward of defeating Veilstone City Gym
HGSS Route 39
Win the Goldenrod Department Store loterry on Thursdays
Generation V Dark TM Sprite Quash
BW Battle Subway (48 BP).
B2W2 Battle Subway, Pokémon World Tournament (24 BP)
Generation VI Dark TM Gen VI Sprite Quash
XY Battle Maison (24 BP)
ORAS Mossdeep City
Generation VII Dark TM Gen VI Sprite Quash
SMUSUM Poni Plains
Generation VII Bug TM Gen VI Sprite Megahorn
PE Cerulean City
Generation VIII Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite Power Swap
SWSH Wyndon northern Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar30,000
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