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TM48 is a TM introduced in Generation I. Its move varies between generations.

Generation I Rock TM Sprite Rock Slide
RBY Exchange with a girl on the rooftop of the Celadon Department Store for a Soda Pop.
Generation II Fire TM Sprite Fire Punch
GSC Purchase at the Goldenrod Department Store for
Poké Dollar3000
Generation III Psychic TM Sprite Skill Swap
RSE Find on the outside of Mt. Pyre.
FRLG Find in Route 12.
Generation IV Psychic TM Sprite Skill Swap
DPPt Obtain from a man in a house in Canalave City.
HGSS Obtain from Sabrina at Saffron City Gym after defeating her.
Generation V Normal TM Sprite Round
BW Purchase at the Battle Subway for 36BP.
B2W2 Purchase at the Battle Subway for 18BP.

Purchase at the Pokémon World Tournament for 18BP.

Generation VI Normal TM Gen VI Sprite Round
XY Purchase at the Battle Maison for 16BP.
ORAS Obtain from the person behind the counter at Crooner's Café in Mauville City.
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