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TM32 TMs TM34

TM33 is a TM introduced in Generation I.

I Reflect
RBY Power Plant
Celadon Department Store (Poké Dollar.png1000)
II Ice Punch
GSC Goldenrod Department Store (Poké Dollar.png3000)
III Psychic TM Sprite.png Reflect
RSE Lilycove Department Store (Poké Dollar.png3000)
FRLG Celadon Department Store rooftop (Exchange with a girl for a Lemonade)
IV Psychic TM Sprite.png Reflect
DPPt Veilstone Department Store for (Poké Dollar.png2000)
HGSS Goldenrod Department Store (Poké Dollar.png2000)
V Psychic TM Sprite.png Reflect
BWB2W2 Nimbasa City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png30000)
VI Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite.png Reflect
XY Kiloude City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png30,000)
ORAS Purchase at the Lilycove Department Store for
Poké Dollar.png10,000
VII Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite.png Reflect
SMUSUM Heahea City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png10,000)
VII Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite.png Calm Mind
PE Reward for defeating Saffron City Gym
VIII Water TM Gen VI Sprite.png Rain Dance
SWSH Hammerlocke western Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png10,000)