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TM24 TMs TM26

TM25 is a TM introduced in Generation I.

I Thunder
RBY Power Plant
II Thunder
GSC Goldenrod Game Corner (5500 C)
III Electric TM Sprite.png Thunder
RSE Lilycove Department Store (Poké Dollar.png5500)
FRLG Power Plant
IV Electric TM Sprite.png Thunder
DPPt Lake Valor
Veilstone Department Store (Poké Dollar.png5500)
HGSS Goldenrod Department Store (Poké Dollar.png5500)
V Electric TM Sprite.png Thunder
BW Icirrus City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png70000)
B2W2 Lacunosa Town Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png70000)
VI Electric TM Gen VI Sprite.png Thunder
XY Anistar City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png70,000)
ORAS Lilycove City Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png30,000)
VII Electric TM Gen VI Sprite.png Thunder
SMUSUM Seafolk Village Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png30,000)
VII Water TM Gen VI Sprite.png Waterfall
PE Celadon Department Store (Poké Dollar.png30,000)
VIII Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png Protect
SWSH Motostoke upper Pokémon Center's Poké Mart (Poké Dollar.png10,000)