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TM13 is a TM introduced in Generation I. Its move varies between generations.

Generation I Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
RBY Find on the rooftop of the Celadon Department Store.
Generation II Normal TM Sprite Snore
GSC Find in Route 32.

Find in the Dark Cave.

Generation III Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
RSE Find on the Abandoned Ship.

Purchase at Mauville City's Game Corner for 4000 coins.

FRLG Purchase at the Celadon Department Store for 4000 coins.
Generation IV Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
DPPt Find in Route 216.

Purchase at Veilstone Game Corner for 10000 coins

HGSS Purchase at Goldenrod City's Game Corner for 10000 coins.

Find at the Seafoam Islands.

Generation V Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
BWB2W2 Find in the Giant Chasm.
Generation VI Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
XY Obtain from Wulfric at Snowbelle City Gym after defeating him.
ORAS Find at the Sea Mauville.
Generation VII Ice TM Sprite Ice Beam
SM Find on Mount Lanakila


  • In all Generations, except for II, TM13 cointains the move Ice Beam.
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