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The Survival Area (サバイバルエリア, Survival Area) is an area located in northern Sinnoh accessible after completing the Sinnoh Pokédex. According to the in-game text, it is a place where "Trainers gather to work out and hone their battling skills." The Survival Area is also a training place for those who lose in the Battle Frontier. There are only five buildings in the Survival Area, including a Pokémon Center and a Poké Mart. In the southernmost house, the player may obtain a TM42 (Facade). In the westernmost one, Buck's grandfather lives there. The last house, inhabited by a Hiker, is reachable only via Route 226. In the Platinum version, this hiker acts as one of the game's three new Move Tutors.

Places of interest


Exclusively in Platinum, there is a place called the Battleground, where the gym leaders and other certain characters appear, which also change every day.

Rival battle

After completing a mission at Stark Mountain, you'll be able to meet your rival at the Survival Area in the Platinum version. For the first time you battle him, his team ranges from Levels 59–65. If you beat him once and the Elite Four 10 times, his team will be from Levels 69–75. If you beat the Elite Four 20 times, his team will be from Levels 79–85, making him the strongest trainer in the game.

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