Super Training is a mechanic introduced in Pokémon X and Y.

Training Bags

There are several training bags yet only six represent Pokémon that would be a representative of each stat:

  • Small bags reward the pokémon with 1 point and requires 10 hits to complete the training. Medium bags reward 4 and requires 25 hits. Large bags reward 12 and requires 50 hits.

Special Bags

These punching bags have effects activate when you start the next Regime.

  • Big-Shot Bag - Increases the size of the soccer ball.
  • Strength Bag - Increases the amount of points scored with each successful hit.
  • Toughen-Up Bag - Decreases the penalty when being hit.
  • Swiftness Bag - Increases your Pokémon's mobility in the next Regime.
  • Double-Up Bag - The next Regime (not the hidden one for fully-trained pokémons) will reward your pokémon with double points.
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