Sun and Moon: Unbroken Bonds is a TCG expansion set of the Sun and Moon series. It was released on March 1, 2019 in Japan and released on May 3, 2019 in the US. This expansion set contains 234 cards in English and 116 cards in Japanese.

Card List

Name Type Rarity
1 Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
2 Caterpie TCG Grass Common
3 Metapod TCG Grass Uncommon
4 Butterfree TCG Grass Rare
5 Oddish TCG Grass Common
6 Oddish TCG Grass Common
7 Gloom TCG Grass Uncommon
8 Vileplume TCG Grass Rare Holo
9 Venonat TCG Grass Common
10 Venonat TCG Grass Common
11 Venomoth TCG Grass Rare
12 Venomoth GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
13 Bellsprout TCG Grass Common
14 Weepinbell TCG Grass Uncommon
15 Victreebel TCG Grass Rare
16 Tangela TCG Grass Common
17 Tangrowth TCG Grass Rare
18 Grubbin TCG Grass Common
19 Kartana TCG Grass Rare Holo
20 Reshiram & Charizard GX TCG Fire Ultra Rare
21 Growlithe TCG Fire Common
22 Arcanine TCG Fire Rare Holo
23 Darumaka TCG Fire Common
24 Darmanitan TCG Fire Rare
25 Volcanion TCG Fire Rare Holo
26 Litten TCG Fire Common
27 Litten TCG Fire Common
28 Torracat TCG Fire Uncommon
29 Incineroar TCG Fire Rare
30 Salandit TCG Fire Common
31 Salazzle TCG Fire Rare
32 Blacephalon TCG Fire Rare
33 Squirtle TCG Water Common
34 Wartortle TCG Water Uncommon
35 Blastoise GX TCG Water Ultra Rare
36 Poliwag TCG Water Common
37 Poliwag TCG Water Common
38 Poliwhirl TCG Water Uncommon
39 Poliwrath TCG Water Rare
40 Tentacool TCG Water Common
41 Tentacrual TCG Water Uncommon
42 Slowpoke TCG Water Common
43 Slowbro TCG Water Rare Holo
44 Seel TCG Water Common
45 Dewgong TCG Water Rare
46 Krabby TCG Water Common
47 Kingler TCG Water Rare
48 Goldeen TCG Water Common
49 Seaking TCG Water Rare
50 Kyurem TCG Water Rare Holo
51 Froakie TCG Water Common
52 Frogadier TCG Water Uncommon
53 Pyukumuku TCG Water Uncommon
54 Pikachu TCG Lightning Common
55 Raichu TCG Lightning Rare
56 Stunfisk TCG Lightning Rare
57 Dedenne GX TCG Lightning Ultra Rare
58 Charjabug TCG Lightning Uncommon
59 Vikavolt TCG Lightning Rare Holo
60 Zeraora TCG Lightning Rare
61 Muk & Alolan Muk GX TCG Psychic Ultra Rare
62 Ekans TCG Psychic Common
63 Arbok TCG Psychic Rare
64 Zubat TCG Psychic Common
65 Golbat TCG Psychic Uncommon
66 Crobat TCG Psychic Rare Holo
67 Gastly TCG Psychic Common
68 Gastly TCG Psychic Common
69 Haunter TCG Psychic Uncommon
70 Gengar TCG Psychic Rare
71 Drowzee TCG Psychic Common
72 Hypno TCG Psychic Rare
73 Koffing TCG Psychic Common
74 Weezing TCG Psychic Rare
75 Mewtwo TCG Psychic Rare
76 Mew TCG Psychic Rare Holo
77 Misdreavus TCG Psychic Common
78 Mismagius TCG Psychic Rare
79 Espurr TCG Psychic Common
80 Meowstic TCG Psychic Rare
81 Marshadow TCG Psychic Rare Holo
82 Marshadow & Machamp GX TCG Fighting Ultra Rare
83 Sandshrew TCG Fighting Common
84 Sandslash TCG Fighting Rare
85 Diglett TCG Fighting Common
86 Dugtrio TCG Fighting Rare
87 Geodude TCG Fighting Common
88 Graveler TCG Fighting Uncommon
89 Golem TCG Fighting Rare Holo
90 Cubone TCG Fighting Common
91 Marowak TCG Fighting Rare
92 Rhyhorn TCG Fighting Common
93 Rhyhorn TCG Fighting Common
94 Rhydon TCG Fighting Uncommon
95 Rhyperior TCG Fighting Rare
96 Wooper TCG Fighting Common
97 Quagsire TCG Fighting Rare
98 Gligar TCG Fighting Common
99 Gliscor TCG Fighting Uncommon
100 Tyrogue TCG Fighting Uncommon
101 Hitmontop TCG Fighting Uncommon
102 Riolu TCG Fighting Common
103 Landorus TCG Fighting Rare Holo
104 Grabrawler TCG Fighting Common
105 Crabominable TCG Fighting Rare
106 Stakataka TCG Fighting Rare Holo
107 Greninja & Zoroark GX TCG Darkness Ultra Rare
108 Murkrow TCG Darkness Common
109 Honchkrow GX TCG Darkness Ultra Rare
110 Carvanha TCG Darkness Common
111 Sharpedo TCG Darkness Rare
112 Spiritomb TCG Darkness Rare Holo
113 Sandile TCG Darkness Common
114 Sandile TCG Darkness Common
115 Krokorok TCG Darkness Uncommon
116 Krookodile TCG Darkness Rare
117 Greninja TCG Darkness Rare Holo
118 Inkay TCG Darkness Common
119 Malamar TCG Darkness Rare Holo
120 Lucario & Melmetal GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
121 Alolan Diglett TCG Metal Common
122 Alolan Dugtrio TCG Metal Rare
123 Aron TCG Metal Common
124 Lairon TCG Metal Uncommon
125 Aggron TCG Metal Rare
126 Lucario TCG Metal Rare Holo
127 Genesect TCG Metal Rare
128 Meltan TCG Metal Common
129 Melmetal TCG Metal Rare Holo
130 Gardevoir & Sylveon GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
131 Celffa TCG Fairy Uncommon
132 Clefairy TCG Fairy Common
133 Clefable TCG Fairy Rare
134 Jigglypuff TCG Fairy Common
135 Wigglytuff TCG Fairy Rare
136 Togepi TCG Fairy Common
137 Togetic TCG Fairy Uncommon
138 Togekiss TCG Fairy Rare Holo
139 Cottonee TCG Fairy Common
140 Whimsicott GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
141 Spritzee TCG Fairy Common
142 Aromatisse TCG Fairy Rare
143 Rattata TCG Colorless Common
144 Raticate TCG Colorless Uncommon
145 Spearow TCG Colorless Common
146 Fearow TCG Colorless Uncommon
147 Meowth TCG Colorless Common
148 Persian TCG Colorless Rare
149 Persian GX TCG Colorless Ultra Rare
150 Doduo TCG Colorless Common
151 Dodrio TCG Colorless Uncommon
152 Lickitung TCG Colorless Common
153 Lickilicky TCG Colorless Rare
154 Porygon TCG Colorless Common
155 Porygon TCG Colorless Common
156 Porygon2 TCG Colorless Uncommon
157 Porygon-Z TCG Colorless Rare Holo
158 Snorlax TCG Colorless Rare Holo
159 Glameow TCG Colorless Common
160 Purugly TCG Colorless Rare
161 Happiny TCG Colorless Uncommon
162 Chatot TCG Colorless Uncommon
163 Celesteela GX TCG Colorless Ultra Rare
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