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Sun and Moon: Lost Thunder is a TCG expansion set of the Sun and Moon series. It was released on September 7, 2018 in Japan and released on November 2, 2018 in the US. This expansion set contains 214+ cards in English and 95+ cards in Japanese.

Card list

Name Type Rarity
1 Tangela TCG Grass Common
2 Tangrowth TCG Grass Rare
3 Scyther TCG Grass Common
4 Pinsir TCG Grass Uncommon
5 Chikorita TCG Grass Common
6 Chikorita TCG Grass Common
7 Bayleef TCG Grass Uncommon
8 Meganium TCG Grass Rare Holo
9 Spinarak TCG Grass Common
10 Ariados TCG Grass Uncommon
11 Hoppip TCG Grass Common
12 Hoppip TCG Grass Common
13 Skiploom TCG Grass Uncommon
14 Jumpluff TCG Grass Rare Holo
15 Pineco TCG Grass Common
16 Shuckle TCG Grass Uncommon
17 Shuckle GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
18 Heracross TCG Grass Uncommon
19 Celebi Prism TCG Grass Rare Holo
20 Treecko TCG Grass Common
21 Grovyle TCG Grass Uncommon
22 Sceptile GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
23 Wurmple TCG Grass Common
24 Wurmple TCG Grass Common
25 Silcoon TCG Grass Uncommon
26 Beautifly TCG Grass Rare
27 Cascoon TCG Grass Uncommon
28 Dustox TCG Grass Rare
29 Nincada TCG Grass Common
30 Ninjask TCG Grass Uncommon
31 Combee TCG Grass Common
32 Vespiquen TCG Grass Uncommon
33 Shaymin TCG Grass Rare Holo
34 Virizion GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
35 Skiddo TCG Grass Common
36 Gogoat TCG Grass Uncommon
37 Tapu Bulu TCG Grass Rare Holo
38 Moltres TCG Fire Rare
39 Cyndaquil TCG Fire Common
40 Cyndaquil TCG Fire Common
41 Quilava TCG Fire Uncommon
42 Typhlosion TCG Fire Rare Holo
43 Slugma TCG Fire Common
44 Magcargo GX TCG Fire Ultra Rare
45 Houndour TCG Fire Common
46 Houndoom TCG Fire Rare
47 Entei TCG Fire Rare
48 Heatran TCG Fire Rare Holo
49 Victini TCG Fire Rare
50 Litleo TCG Fire Common
51 Pyroar TCG Fire Rare
52 Blacephalon GX TCG Fire Ultra Rare
53 Alolan Vulpix TCG Water Common
54 Slowpoke TCG Water Common
55 Slowking TCG Water Rare
56 Lapras TCG Water Rare
57 Delibird TCG Water Uncommon
58 Mantine TCG Water Uncommon
59 Suicune TCG Water Rare Holo
60 Suicune GX TCG Water Ultra Rare
61 Cubchoo TCG Water Common
62 Beartic TCG Water Rare
63 White Kyurem TCG Water Rare Holo
64 Popplio TCG Water Common
65 Popplio TCG Water Common
66 Brionne TCG Water Uncommon
67 Primarina TCG Water Rare
68 Mareanie TCG Water Common
69 Toxapex TCG Water Rare
70 Bruxish TCG Water Common
71 Electabuzz TCG Lightning Uncommon
72 Electivire TCG Lightning Rare
73 Chinchou TCG Lightning Common
74 Lanturn TCG Lightning Rare
75 Mareep TCG Lightning Common
76 Mareep TCG Lightning Common
77 Flaaffy TCG Lightning Uncommon
78 Ampharos TCG Lightning Rare Holo
79 Raikou TCG Lightning Rare
80 Pachirisu TCG Lightning Common
81 Blitzle TCG Lightning Common
82 Zebstrika TCG Lightning Rare
83 Stunfisk TCG Lightning Common
84 Dedenne TCG Lightning Common
85 Tapu Koko TCG Lightning Rare Holo
86 Zeraora GX TCG Lightning Ultra Rare
87 Natu TCG Psychic Common
88 Xatu TCG Psychic Uncommon
89 Espeon TCG Psychic Rare
90 Unown TCG Psychic Rare
91 Unown TCG Psychic Rare
92 Unown TCG Psychic Rare
93 Wobbuffet TCG Psychic Rare
94 Girafarig TCG Psychic Uncommon
95 Shedinja TCG Psychic Rare
96 Sableye TCG Psychic Uncommon
97 Giratina TCG Psychic Rare Holo
98 Sigilyph GX TCG Psychic Ultra Rare
99 Yamask TCG Psychic Common
100 Cofagrigus TCG Psychic Rare
101 Litwick TCG Psychic Common
102 Lampent TCG Psychic Uncommon
103 Chandelure TCG Psychic Rare Holo
104 Meloetta TCG Psychic Rare
105 Mareanie TCG Psychic Common
106 Nihilego TCG Psychic Rare Holo
107 Poipole TCG Psychic Common
108 Naganadel TCG Psychic Rare Holo
109 Onix TCG Fighting Common
110 Sudowoodo TCG Fighting Uncommon
111 Phanpy TCG Fighting Common
112 Donphan TCG Fighting Rare
113 Hitmontop TCG Fighting Uncommon
114 Larvitar TCG Fighting Common
115 Larvitar TCG Fighting Common
116 Pupitar TCG Fighting Uncommon
117 Carbink TCG Fighting Common
118 Alolan Meowth TCG Darkness Common
119 Alolan Persian TCG Darkness Rare
120 Umbreon TCG Darkness Rare
121 Tyranitar GX TCG Darkness Ultra Rare
122 Alolan Diglett TCG Metal Common
123 Alolan Dugtrio TCG Metal Uncommon
124 Forretress TCG Metal Rare
125 Steelix TCG Metal Rare
126 Scizor TCG Metal Rare Holo
127 Dialga TCG Metal Rare Holo
128 Durant TCG Metal Common
129 Cobalion TCG Metal Rare Holo
130 Genesect GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
131 Magearna TCG Metal Uncommon
132 Alolan Ninetales GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
133 Jigglypuff TCG Fairy Common
134 Wigglytuff TCG Fairy Rare
135 Marill TCG Fairy Common
136 Azumarill TCG Fairy Rare
137 Snubbull TCG Fairy Common
138 Granbull TCG Fairy Rare
139 Ralts TCG Fairy Common
140 Kirlia TCG Fairy Uncommon
141 Gardevoir TCG Fairy Rare Holo
142 Dedenne TCG Fairy Uncommon
143 Carbink TCG Fairy Uncommon
144 Xerneas Prism TCG Fairy Rare Holo
145 Cutiefly TCG Fairy Common
146 Ribombee TCG Fairy Rare
147 Morelull TCG Fairy Common
148 Shiinotic TCG Fairy Uncommon
149 Mimikyu GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
150 Tapu Lele TCG Fairy Rare Holo
151 Tapu Fini TCG Fairy Rare Holo
152 Chansey TCG Colorless Common
153 Blissey TCG Colorless Rare Holo
154 Ditto Prism TCG Colorless Rare Holo
155 Eevee TCG Colorless Common
156 Stantler TCG Colorless Uncommon
157 Smeargle TCG Colorless Rare
158 Miltank TCG Colorless Rare
159 Lugia GX TCG Colorless Ultra Rare
160 Ho-Oh TCG Colorless Rare
161 Kecleon TCG Colorless Uncommon
162 Kecleon TCG Colorless Uncommon
163 Pikipek TCG Colorless Common
164 Pikipek TCG Colorless Common
165 Trumbeak TCG Colorless Uncommon
166 Toucannon TCG Colorless Rare
167 Advenure Bag Item Uncommon
168 Aether Foundation Empolyee Supporter Uncommon
169 Choice Helmet Item Uncommon
170 Counter Gain Item Uncommon
171 Custom Catcher Item Uncommon
172 Electropower Item Uncommon
173 Faba Supporter Uncommon
174 Fairy Charm G Item Uncommon
175 Fairy Charm P Item Uncommon
176 Fairy Charm F Item Uncommon
177 Fairy Charm D Item Uncommon
178 Heat Factory Prism Stadium Rare Holo
179 Kahili Supporter Uncommon
180 Life Forest Prism Stadium Rare Holo
181 Lost Blender Item Uncommon
182 Lusamine Prism Supporter Rare Holo
183 Mina Supporter Uncommon
184 Mixed Herbs Item Uncommon
185 Moomoo Milk Item Uncommon
186 Morty Supporter Uncommon
187 Net Ball Item Uncommon
188 Professor Elm's Lecture Supporter Uncommon
189 Sightseer Supporter Uncommon
190 Spell Tag Item Uncommon
191 Thunder Mountain Prism Stadium Rare Holo
192 Wait and See Hammer Item Uncommon
193 Whitney Supporter Uncommon
194 Memory Energy Special Energy Uncommon
195 Shuckle GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
196 Sceptile GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
197 Virizion GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
198 Magcargo GX TCG Fire Ultra Rare
199 Blacephalon GX TCG Fire Ultra Rare
200 Suicune GX TCG Water Ultra Rare
201 Zeraora GX TCG Lightning Ultra Rare
202 Sigilyph GX TCG Psychic Ultra Rare
203 Tyranitar GX TCG Darkness Ultra Rare
204 Genesect GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
205 Alolan Ninetales GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
206 Mimikyu GX TCG Fairy Ultra Rare
207 Lugia GX TCG Colorless Ultra Rare
208 Faba Supporter Ultra Rare
209 Judge Supporter Ultra Rare
210 Kahili Supporter Ultra Rare
211 Mina Supporter Ultra Rare
212 Morty Supporter Ultra Rare
213 Professor Elm's Lecture Supporter Ultra Rare
214 Whitney Supporter Ultra Rare
215 Shuckle GX TCG Grass Secret Rare
216 Sceptile GX TCG Grass Secret Rare
217 Virizion GX TCG Grass Secret Rare
218 Magcargo GX TCG Fire Secret Rare
219 Blacephalon GX TCG Fire Secret Rare
220 Suicune GX TCG Water Secret Rare
221 Zeraora GX TCG Lightning Secret Rare
222 Sigilyph GX TCG Psychic Secret Rare
223 Tyranitar GX TCG Darkness Secret Rare
224 Genesect GX TCG Metal Secret Rare
225 Alolan Ninetales GX TCG Fairy Secret Rare
226 Mimikyu GX TCG Fairy Secret Rare
227 Lugia GX TCG Colorless Secret Rare
228 Adventure Bag Item Secret Rare
229 Choice Helmet Item Secret Rare
230 Counter Gain Item Secret Rare
231 Custom Catcher Item Secret Rare
232 Electropower Item Secret Rare
233 Lost Blender Item Secret Rare
234 Net Ball Item Secret Rare
235 Spell Tag Item Secret Rare
236 Wait and See Hammer Item Secret Rare