Summerland and surrounding areas

Summerland is a location in the Fiore region. It only appears in the first Pokémon Ranger game. Located on an island that floats in the Safra Sea, Summerland is a small town that sits on the shore of a tropical beach. The town is known for its warm and hot weather, hence its name.

Notable Areas

While Summerland is best known for its hot, tropical weather, it is also known for its beach and the Olive Jungle, which is due north of the town. The Olive Jungle contains many Bug and Grass-type Pokémon, and is a tourist hotspot. Deep within the jungle is the Jungle Relic, which was once a place where Pokémon Rangers could try to defeat four different challenges designed to test their skills. However, if the challenges were ever completed, disaster would occur within the relic. The town's port has many ships and a Lapras that can be used to go to Fall City. There is also the opportunity to head out into the Safra Sea and do a Pokémon capture test similar to Ringtown's Grassland Challenge.

Additionally, despite the town's small size, it also has a Ranger Base. While most Pokémon Rangers are athletic and fit, Summerland's Ranger Base is operated by a fat, lazy man named Cameron.

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