This Stufful is a Normal/Fighting type Pokémon that first appeared in A Dream Encounter!.


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In the past, Stufful was suddenly separated from its mother, Bewear and ended up trapped by a falling wood, until an Aether Foundation member Wicke rescued and sheltered it to Aether Paradise until they can finally find its mother.[1]

It was originally made a brief appearance as a minor Pokémon within Aether Foundation, until its first met in with Team Rocket Trio sometimes after Necrozma's recovery to its heroic Ultra form, although Team Rocket had been infiltrating the foundation’s base many times before they encounter Stufful. By the time it mets Team Rocket for the first time, it began to attach with Team Rocket’s Jessie, because she has its mother’s scent on her. As Bewear, Stufful's long-lost mother arrived to take Team Rocket from stealing all guarded Pokémon, Stufful and Bewear are happily reunited once more. Its mother later return to Aether Paradise as a gratitude to Wicke for watching over her child for her, by gifting her the Mitsuyoshi honey.[1]

As of the present when Team Rocket keep causing trouble again onwards, Stufful will appear before them first, which signals Bewear’s incoming presence to drag them away in few seconds later.[2]

Known moves

None of Stufful's moves are known.

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