For other versions of Metagross belonging to Steven Stone, see Steven's Metagross.

This Metagross is a steel/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Steven Stone.



Metagross appeared with Steven, who decided to contact Captain Stern.[1] Steven took Ruby and stood on a Metang, letting his other Metang and Metagross attack the hostile Mawile.[2]

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Steven arriving on his Metagross infront of Wallace.

Steven flew on Metagross, who used Meteor Mash to hit Tabitha's Torkoal.[3] After sending orders to the Elite Four and talking to Wallace, Steven had his Metagross attack Tabitha and his Torkoal.[4] Metagross continued battling and defeated Tabitha and Torkoal.[5] The two flew close to Sootopolis City, where Metagross used Reflect to protect Steven from incoming boulders. Steven also saw Sapphire and had Metagross save her.[6] Steven wanted to get Sapphire onto his Metagross, but the blast from the Sootopolis City blew her away.[7]

Metagross stood by Wallace, who carried Steven, who died.[8] Since there was little time, Wallace had Steven's Metagross lift him up to the aircar, where Sapphire reported how Plusle and Minun were sensing something. With the Trick Master's help, the city's energy barrier was released, so Wallace went on Metagross into the city.[9]


Steven, after selling his villa, sent Metagross and flew on it from Sinnoh's Battle Zone back to Hoenn.[10]

Hoenn II

Steven had Metagross share some of its life force to the absorber. It was used to fuel the weapon to destroy the meteorite that would collide with the planet.[11]

Steven had his Metagross fly him inside the Granite Cave to study the murals.[12] Finding Emerald in trouble, Steven sent Metagross to battle the mysterious Pokémon. He Mega Evolved Metagross and had it use Metal Claw on the mysterious Pokémon.[13]

Since Zinnia appeared with Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts to sabotage Mr. Stone's plans, Steven sent Metagross and Mega Evolved it to battle her Goodra.[14] Mega Metagross, however, continued to stagger, since it didn't recover yet from sharing its life force with the absorber. After the battle ended, Mega Metagross reverted back to its original form.[11] After finding out Sapphire was teleported away, Steven and his father went on Metagross to meet up with her at Mossdeep City.[15] Metagross flew across the crowd that gathered around the Mossdeep Research Center, since they demanded answers about the leak that a meteorite would crash on Hoenn.[16]

Granny spoke to Ruby and Emerald about Steven, his Metagross and his father, who wanted to use a scientific method to stop the meteorite.[17]

Steven stood on his Metagross and ordered the team to attack the meteorite.[18]

Known moves

  • Using Meteor Mash


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