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This Zebstrika is a Electric-type Pokémon owned by Stephan. It first appeared as a Blitzle.


As Blitzle

Oshawott tackles Blitzle.

Encountering Ash for the first time, Stephan sent Blitzle against Ash's Oshawott. Blitzle fired Shock Wave, which Oshawott deflected using its scalchop, shocking Stephan. Blitzle charged on using Flame Charge, though Oshawott went into a random direction when he used Aqua Jet. Oshawott tried to attack with Razor Shell, but Blitzle accidentally knocked the scalchop away with Stomp. Since Oshawott did not had his scalchop, the battle was postponed. The next day, the heroes saw Stephan riding a bike on one spot, which was to power Blitzle up. During the battle, Blitzle used Shock Wave, though Oshawott, through hard training, managed to lift a rock resembling scalchop to negate the attack. However, Blitzle powered up its attack and used Double Kick, crashing the rock. Oshawott got electrocuted by Shock Wave, so it tried to dodge some of Blitzle's attacks and hit it with Tackle. Oshawott, however, started dodging Double Kick and used Aqua Jet to evade Flame Charge, but went into a different direction. This time, Oshawott managed to hit Blitzle with Aqua Jet, colliding with its Flame Charge. Both Pokémon bashed into the rock, but Blitzle was defeated.[1]

As Zebstrika

After arriving to Nimbasa Town for Club Battle Tournament, Stephan showed his Blitzle evolved to a Zebstrika.[2] Bianca's Minccino battled Zebstrika in the first round of the Club Battle Tournament. Zebstrika was laughing hard from Minccino's Tickle, followed by Double Slap. However, Zebstrika landed a Shock Wave, and finishes Minccino with Stomp.[3]

Zebstrika was used in the Unova League, where Stephan faced Radley. Zebstrika dodged Radley's Braviary's Fury Attack and retaliated with Stomp. Braviary dodged and hit Zebstrika with Air Slash. However, Zebstrika counterattacked with Thunderbolt and defeated Braviary with Giga Impact.[4]

Zebstrika charges into Ash's Palpitoad.

During the Unova League, after his Liepard was defeated, Stephan sent Zebstrika to battle Ash's Palpitoad. Zebstrika hit Palpitoad with a Double Edge and crushed him with Stomp. Palpitoad retaliated with Sludge Wave, and also poisoned Zebstrika. Zebstrika suffered, but fought back with Facade, which did double the damage due to its negative status. However, a second Facade is countered with Supersonic, causing Zebstrika to bash his head into a wall, and then scored a direct hit with Hydro Pump. After Zebstrika struck Palpitoad hard with Giga Impact, Palpitoad fought back with Mud Shot, which knocked Zebstrika out. However, Mud Shot propelled Palpitoad backwards and crashed him into a wall, resulting in a double knock-out.[5]

While recalling his adventures, Ash remembered Stephan and his Zebstrika.[6]

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