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This Liepard is a dark-type Pokémon owned by Stephan.


Liepard overpowers Krookodile, with Double Team and Shadow Claw combination.

Liepard was sent out by Stephan, during his battle against Ash.[1] Ash sent Krookodile, starting the battle. Liepard collided with Ash's Krookodile's Dragon Claw with Shadow Claw and Stone Edge against Shadow Ball. Liepard launched Hyper Beam, but missed, since Krookodile used Dig. After using Double Team, Stephan had the advantage, having Liepard attack Krookodile with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. Krookodile tried to dig, but Liepard launched Hyper Beam in the hole, dealing damage to Krookodile. Liepard and Krookodile attacked each other with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw, but, after the third clash, Liepard was defeated.[2]

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