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Static is an Ability introduced in Generation III. It is an exclusive Ability to Electric-type Pokémon.

In Battle Effect

There is a 30% chance that the attacking foe will be paralyzed if a contact-making move hits the Pokémon with the Ability.

Out-of-Battle Effect

When the Pokémon with this Ability is in the first position of the team, the probability of encountering Electric-type Pokémon increases.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#025 Pikachu 025.png Type Electric.gif
#026 Raichu 026.png Type Electric.gif
#100 Voltorb 100.png Type Electric.gif
#101 Electrode 101.png Type Electric.gif
#125 Electabuzz 125.png Type Electric.gif
#172 Pichu 172.png Type Electric.gif
#179 Mareep 179.png Type Electric.gif
#180 Flaaffy 180.png Type Electric.gif
#181 Ampharos 181.png Type Electric.gif
#239 Elekid 239.png Type Electric.gif
#309 Electrike 309.png Type Electric.gif
#310 Manectric 310.png Type Electric.gif
#587 Emolga 587.png Type Electric.gifType Flying.gif
#618 Stunfisk 618.png Type Ground.gifType Electric.gif